Vita Firmware 2.60 Brings UI Improvements and Streaming Media

A firmware update has appeared for the Vita overnight, bringing a smoother looking user interface, more PS Plus functionality (ahead of it being required for online play on PS4) and some impressive streaming media functionality with PCs and PS3s.


As you can see in the first image above, some antialiasing has finally been added to the bubbles on the home screen along with other usability upgrades (presumably in the background).

There’s also a new Plus section in each game’s livearea, which allows for quick uploading and downloading of  cloud saves, with another option to switch on the service globally.

As well as these UI changes, the PS button has been altered too – when you hold it down, you’ll be able to switch on or off airplane mode, WiFi and even bluetooth.

The system will now also be able to stream media – music and videos, that is – from a PC or PS3, which is quite impressive.

Image Sources: NeoGAF, Twitter



  1. It does seem a lot better now. Ps+ autosave is great, I hope.

  2. I can’t stream from the PS3, only PC which I am almost sure it could before. Any one else facing this problem ?

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