Entering The Rift: John Carmack Joins Oculus Team

Legendary developer, John Carmack, has joined Oculus VR as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer. This is potentially a very exciting prospect considering the impact Carmack has had on the industry, with the push of the FPS with games such as Doom and Quake, as well as the push of 3D gaming.

Posting a note on Oculus’ blog Carmack said that he believed virtual reality would have a major impact in the future, but also focused on the fact that a lot of work still needs doing before technology like the Oculus Rift will be in a fully operational state.


This may be the biggest endorsement that Oculus could really have hoped for. Can you imagine if John Carmack helps refine the technology and then develop what could be a new title that has a huge impact on the industry, just like Doom originally had 20 years ago?

Here’s hoping for some great things from this appointment.

Source: Oculus VR



  1. I would never wear that blacked out snorkeling mask, Star Trek hollodeck or nothing.

  2. I’m just as excited for Oculus Rift as I am for the next-gen consoles. Every video I’ve seen of it looks amazing and Carmack will definitely add to what is already looking brilliant.

  3. Looks more comfortable to wear than my Atari jaguar VR unit was :)

  4. I have seen the videos and it does look good, but to be honest I just can’t see this catching on. I think it’s like 3D, its a fad and a gimmick and it wont catch on with the majority of gamers who play in their bedroom.

    • Agreed. Same reason 3d isn’t catching on IMO.
      Any time you have to wear something it’ll reduce the product to a niche audience (I know when I wore glasses 3d held no appeal to me, too much faff with trying to balance 2 pairs if specs to see)
      Until holographic displays are available that you can sit down and watch like you do on your current Telly all this kind of stuff, while sometimes awesome, won’t capture anything but a niche market sector.

  5. I have the Oculus Developer Kit at home at I must say it is amazing. Definitely a game changer. Just playing through HL: Episode 2 combined with a hydra. Its like a different game. The consumer Rift is going to be awesome especially with Carmack onboard.

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