FIFA 14 ‘Pure Shot & Real Ball Physics’ Trailer

EA Sports have released a brand new FIFA 14 trailer, featuring what they’re calling ‘Pure Shot’ and ‘Real Ball Physics’.

The video sees Aaron McHardy, FIFA 14’s Lead Gameplay Producer, and Kantcho Doskov, Gamplay Producer, detail the game’s two new additions which “allow fans to unleash a perfect strike”, using advanced technologies and motion capture like never before to replicate precisely “how a real footballer shoots the ball”.


There’s a little talk about airflow and ball turbulence too, alongside a shot of some footballer chap in a skintight mo-cap suit. These two things may or may not be related.

It certainly appears very impressive, and no doubt fans of the series will have their say on FIFA 14’s new features come September 27th.

Now, if only West Brom weren’t quite so terrible…