Sony’s PS4 Pre-Order Limit Now In Place

As we reported last week, Sony have imposed a UK-wide limit on PS4 pre-orders, meaning that if you haven’t ordered your PS4 as of today, then you might end up missing out on receiving the system on launch day.

According to Eurogamer, an announcement was made to UK retailers including Amazon and ShopTo, with ShopTo posting on their website:


Sony have confirmed all PlayStation 4 pre-orders placed from 6th August will now not be guaranteed for launch. You can still pre-order PS4 with us in case we receive cancellations and can fulfil your order for launch.

The retailer then confirmed to Eurogamer that this applies to any and all European retailers, with Amazon soon posting a similar message:

Please note – due to high demand, orders placed for the PlayStation 4 console from 6th August may be received after release date. We will ship orders as soon as we receive sufficient inventory.

I’m glad I pre-ordered my PS4 after hearing these claims last week, though I feel as though I’ll be missing out on many bundles announced closer to release by having to order so early.

Exactly which date the PS4 will launch on is still up in the air, hopefully we’ll hear more at Gamescom in just under two weeks time.



  1. Got 1 pre-ordered with Amazon and 1 pre-ordered with shopto in case there are any bundles or offers. I’ll cancel one before launch.

    I expected that launch stock would sell out in advance.

  2. Got mine pre ordered with Game just for the whole midnight launch thing never been to one.
    Mine comes with Driveclub and Killzone Steel Tin edition. Cant wait to hear actual release date now because as of yesterday i have put £350 on a Game card so now its topping it up for extra’s hopefully Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed and the Camera.

  3. Preordered mine from Game when I went to The Last of Us midnight launch.
    Although I might miss out anyway, they only keep preorders for a few days and I’m away for just over 2 weeks later this year, around the predicted launch date.

  4. put my preorder down in February.

  5. Pre-ordered mine yesterday. Just out of luck!

  6. I thought the pre order limit was just to drum up business prior to gamescon, so was hanging on to see the bundles, but have finally circumed a day to late by the sounds of it. Not to bothered by launch day, just would really like to get one by Xmas so I can upgrade my present list to PS4 games.

  7. those worried about missing out on bundles some of you have probably already heard that if you have pre-ordered from shop to the will swap your order for a bundle when they get announced and you wont loose your place in the que so to speak :)

    • that is of course if you want to pay the extra for a bundle cos I just read that and it reads like…….well I messed up my wording a bit but y’all get the gist. :)

  8. As long as they’re widely available around next April I’m not too bothered.

  9. I’ve had mine on pre-order from ShopTo since the end of Febuary as did my cousin. When he checked the ShopTo site earlier today he found that his PS4 pre-order wasn’t showing in his account. A while later after contacting the staff he was told that as he didn’t have a card registered to his account the pre-order wasn’t counted. His point was that, if that was the fact, then why wasn’t he made aware at the time that his order wasn’t actually being placed. Needless to say that he was a bit pissed off with them and is now looking at a 2nd wave PS4 from GAME instead of his launch-day model.

  10. I just had an email saying that my order is now not guaranteed, after placing it on the 11 July. I’ve contacted Amazon to see what is going on.

    • That sounds like fighting talk to me!

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