Pre-Order Your PS4 Now – Sony Imposing UK-Wide Limit

There appears to be such a high demand for Sony’s next generation black box that they’re having to impose a pre-order limit in the UK so as to not disappoint fans eager to get the system on day one.

Speaking to CVG, retail sources have confirmed that orders should be placed “before next week” in order for them to be fulfilled on launch day, meaning an effective pre-order deadline of August 5th if you want your PS4 as soon as possible.

This deadline will be across the UK and perhaps even Europe, though there’s no word on whether they’ll be bringing a similar system in for the US or Japan.

If you’re not a fan of pre-ordering, then retailers have been promised extra units for general sale, meaning if you’re there nice and early (or at a midnight launch), you’ll have a good chance of getting a system.

I’ve just placed a provisional order with Amazon, though I’ll likely go to a midnight launch or elsewhere nearer release. How about you?



  1. Pre-ordered while the Feb reveal was still going so should get one on launch day, I hope.

  2. Had mine preordained with amazon since before e3. Although, it is tempting to go to a midnight launch just to make sure I don’t waste a holiday day sitting around until 5pm waiting for delivery.

  3. That’s really clever. The conspiracy theorist in me reckons there’s not even a preorder limit. But doesn’t the fact there might be one make you want to preorder?

  4. I’m glad I’ve got 2 pre-order. I guess I’m just greedy B-)

    • I’ve got 2 pre-orders on too – just in case!

      • You’re a pair of greedy Bs! I’ve just got one on pre-order but now you’ve made me feel inferior.

    • I have an online pre-order with Amazon and a Sony Store pre-order, one way or another I have to have that machine! :-)

  5. I pre-ordered as soon as the price was revealed. Hopefully it’ll be here launch day . Shopto haven’t let me down yet.

    • Do you have to pay up front with Shopto?

    • Hey, another Shopto customer. I’ve been with Shopto for quite a few years now and they’re always on the ball.

      • Another happy Shopto customer here too, I get probably 95% of my gaming stuff from them and have done for over 2 years now. Pre-ordered my PS4 the day after E3 although I’m waiting until concrete info about exactly what game will be available on launch day before I order any.

    • Same here (maybe a few hours later as I first got a few hours of sleep in before I pulled the trigger)!

  6. gonna go with ASDA

    anybody if thats a good idea?, I wonder if I’d be better off using a specialist

    • ‘know’

      • I have never pre-orderd with asda but after being let down by both tesco, sainsburys and even specialist retailers like game station and game on game pre orders I always go back to Shop To as they have never failed me (TOUCH WOOD)that said I have it on pretty good authority that Toys R Us are pretty good and the console is ten quid cheaper there.

  7. If I decide to get a PS4 at launch, rather than wait until the Spring, I’d sooner preorder where I can walk in & pick it up, rather than run the risk of courier not pulling through.

    CityLink is always is a problem for me, which counts Amazon out, even if I wanted to shop with them.

    • City Link are one of the worst CC, there was even a undercover documentary a few years back showing them kicking the parcels around the depot, avoid them at all costs.

  8. I have mine preordered in good time so as soon as we find out the exact launch day i’ll be booking the day off work! :)

    • I got one up on you as I’m ready to take a week off work! That said, I’m a lazy so and so and will probably spend a few days just watching the telly, drinking Lucozade and eating toast and honey.

      • You won’t need a week – it’s not like when ps3 launched and there was no background downloading! ;)

  9. Argos, 20 quid deposit and collect in store on launch day with staff discount applied. Job done, no courier nonsense, no mad first come first served, and a really well priced extended warranty.

    • Extended warranty? Really? You work there and got the EW?

  10. As much as I want the PS4, I don’t think I’m going to bother pre-ordering. Probably will pick it up a few months after launch.

    • Yeah at Christmas….good luck with that ;-)

      • Haha nah, probably after that, maybe February or March.

    • I’ll also be waiting a few months. Probably get one for my Birthday in March. Had the PS3 at Launch and spent the next few months getting frustrated while they ironed out the creases.

      • Looking back I wasn’t sure I got the PS3 at launch, but looking at my GameSpot blog I did. I think the PS3 was in many ways hyped more then than the PS4 is now.

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