Video Shows Leaked PS4 User Interface

During a video demo of Blacklight: Retribution, which is above, the game crashed and the PS4 UI appeared. While it might not seem like much, there are a few interesting details to be found within the short section of undoctored footage.

Remember that this is footage from a test PS4 kit, so it’s not necessarily comparable to what the final PlayStation Dynamic Menu will look like, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Things such as the fact that the PS4 recovers from the crash without having to be restarted and that games are considered applications, so could likely run alongside other applications. There also seems to be something akin to Vita’s livearea, with “Connect to the Internet and view the latest information for this application” appearing below the title.

It appears that recording automatically starts once the game is loaded up, with a little video recording icon appearing in the top right when he attempts to boot the game after the crash.

Visually, it looks good – there’s an enhanced focus on the PSN Store, your friends list and even trophies, which all have icons across the top bar, with an additional space which appears to show that you’ll be listed by your first and last name rather than your PSN ID.

It seems to flow nicely too, switching between sections with zooming effects. Did you notice anything else?



  1. I’m really starting to like this new re-design focused around blue, since the PS Move and PS Vita. Looks very slick, and most importantly simple!

  2. It’s got 420GB of storage? (Top left of the UI appears to show that anyway).

    So a “500GB” drive? Which works out at 466 gig once you start counting things in funny ways. And 46 gig of mystery vanishing space? Which has probably gone up or down if that’s an early build.

    That’s the most worrying thing about the PS4, really. It’s going to run out of disk space pretty much instantly. At least you can upgrade it. Would be better if you could run stuff from an external USB drive too though.

    • I’ve got a 320GB PS3 with 28 full games installed on it, and about 60 films, and hundreds of photos and I still have plenty of space left. Can’t imagine the PS4 being a worry for me.

      • You’re assuming PS4 games aren’t any bigger than Ps3 ones. ;)

    • I can’t see the video as i’m at work but that might be showing unused or remaining hdd space and also i would expect that part of the hdd will be set aside for video recording.

    • It’s a development kit that’s completely different from what the final console will have :)

      • I was going to say the same. The dev kits come preinstalled with debug programs and what not. My guess is that this is counted towards the reserved OS disk space which is subtracted from the 500 GB.
        I’ve been living with an 80 GB HDD inside my PS3 and I’ve managed so far. I’m glad the standard SKU is 500 GB!

  3. Pretty essential feature that the console reads an error and can opt out of it without a full blown crash. Hopefully, it will be able to cut out if it starts to overheat in heatwaves like this. My phat PS3 with the Last Of Us sounded like a jet engine sighing.

  4. Looks pretty good, I like the fact the whole console doesn’t crash on an error.

  5. Love Blacklight: Retribution. Much prefer it to what’s currently doing the rounds on consoles.

  6. Much prefer this interface to the facebook style news feed we’ve seen previously. Hopefully you’ll be able to disable or just never use the social interface at all.

    • This would be my ideal way of using a PS4. I don’t want something telling me what trophies my friends have just earned as a “tile” in between my games and options!

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