PlayStation Plus To Get Exclusive Puppeteer Demo

Puppeteer is a title I am really looking forward to when it is released this September. It looks quirky and utterly bonkers, the very reasons why I enjoy LittleBig Planet.


In the latest issue of MCV an advertisement reveals that the game will be getting an “Exclusive PlayStation 3 demo available on PlayStation Plus”.

Sony has previously confirmed a demo for the game but did not mention any requirement for PlayStation Plus.

The advertisement also reveals that those who order the game at Amazon will receive the soundtrack, dynamic themes and avatars as part of a pre-order bonus pack.

Source: Videogamer



  1. Ooh lovely been a while since we’ve had any type of bonus like this on plus since the switch of focus to full games.

  2. Yeah will be nice to get hold of the demo. Looks interesting.

  3. I really want this demo, just to assure me that my pre-order was the right move.

  4. cool, i’d hope everybody gets a chance to play the demo at some point though.

  5. Great news. Really looking forward to this. :-)

  6. I still not convinced about Puppeteer, hopefully the demo will make my decision easier.

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