Disney Infinity Adds New Characters, Playsets

With less than a fortnight until launch, Disney has unveiled a slew of upcoming additions for its new gaming platform, Infinity.

Much like Activision’s Skylanders franchise, Infinity will require users to buy physical items such as discs and figures in order to unlock in-game content. The starter set -which retails at around £60- includes an interactive portal peripheral and figures for Mr. Incredible, Sulley, and Captain Jack Sparrow.


Following the game’s launch later this month, Disney will continue to flog additional playsets and individual figures to expand the platform. Big names such as Cars, Toy Story, Wreck-it Ralph, and Monsters Inc. have already been banded about with more classic icons in the pipeline.

However, that hasn’t stopped Disney from confirming even more characters for Infinity. Recently the company reaffirmed that Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie will receive figure counterparts as well Rapunzel (Tangled) and Jack Skellington. On top of that, upcoming animation “Frozen” will also introduce two more characters.

Source: Associated Press



  1. not interested in toys… skylanders was dreadful – just a shameful way for grown men to rip each other off on ebay for “rare” chunks of mass produced plastic.

    all the previews for this disney game seem to hint that the game is going to be dire ps2 era guff.

    maybe I’ll play the last of us again to regain my faith in humanity

    • You were interested enough to troll.

      How do you mark down posts so they get deleted?

      • Whoah steady mate, expressing an opinion is hardly trolling. I expect the irony of my post was lost on you, but frankly that doesn’t concern me… What does concern me is that by buying into games like this it is giving big businesses the green light that it is ok to take this highly commercial approach with video games.

        And I maintain the game looks like dreadful ps2 era shovelware, that it gets compared to little big planet (a highly stylised big budget indie game in spirit) is worrying.

        This game is obviously not meant for me, but aiming a game at children really does mean you can release sub-par products and get away with it. This game looks no different.

        I can see why John Lasseter refused to green light this project for so long but I wish he’d stuck to his guns.

      • I have to agree to an extent, Lymmusic. I threw a bit of money at Skylanders just so I could try it and definitely regret almost getting sucked in.

        The games themselves are just terrible, even for youngsters. Far too linear, basic, ugly, and sluggish.

        Haven’t played Infinity myself but it definitely looks much stronger. Toy Story 3 received generally positive reviews and that it more or less the inspiration for Infinity.

        Disney is more or less replacing all of its upcoming movie spin-offs with playsets instead of fully-developed video games. Depending on how good Infinity is, this could be a good or bad thing. Personally, I hope for the former and that we’ll be able to bring you guys some coverage some time this month.

  2. Got mine ordered. Love a bit Disney.

    I tried Skylanders on the Wii and it was horrible to play. If this is anywhere near as good as Toy Story 3 then I’ll be very pleased.

    Seems a more practical way to buy Disney games through a few levels for each film rather than a whole game for one film which hasn’t really worked since The Lion King on the Amiga. TS3 was great but the part actually following the film was far from the best bit.

    I’d be quite happy for other games to work like this. It’d be great to have episodic content for Uncharted and getting a figure to unlock it rather than a rather boring disk.

    • I agree that it’s a good way to buy Disney based games. The starter pack comes with three 6-8 hour games, the hardware and 3 figures. Not bad for £50. Each play set offers a new gaming experience while also unlocking more content for you to use in the toy box mode. It’s expandable up to the level you want. I don’t have a problem spending £25 on a wreck it Ralph play set knowing I’m getting an 8 hour game, 2 highly detailed figures and more content for me to use in the toy box.

  3. I pre-ordered this yesterday from Asda for my son.
    The toy box mode looks really interesting, almost like a watered down version of LBP but with Disney figures.

  4. My nephew enjoyed Skylanders and is really looking forward to getting this. At least I can bag myself some easy (hopefully) trophies as I join him in playing it.

  5. If your aren’t interested then why visit the page and why bother commenting. Troll

    Also you seem to think your opinions are facts.

    John Lassiter lives infinity and if you know anything about this game then you’d know he was never against it.

    How about you spend you time somewhere else instead of trolling a game you don’t like.

    • When Disney’s console game studio, Avalanche, presented the idea for Infinity to Lasseter, his first thought was “no.” The idea conflicted with his creative instincts. “They wanted to combine all the Pixar characters together in one game and one world,” he says. “That’s always been taboo for us. Because, look, every Pixar movie we create is a unique world and our characters live in it. They have their own rules and all that. Mr. Incredible cannot go over into the Cars world, because there are no humans in that world. He cannot walk into Andy’s room, because it is a different style and look and just a different world.”

      I don’t treat my opinion as fact, and I do not troll. If you disagree with my opinion that is fine, but to resort to petty name calling is childish, purile, and shows a total lack of character. Engaging in on-topic debate is not trolling; calling someone a troll because you disagree with them is.

      I hope the game is good, monkeyspoon, and I hope you enjoy it.

      • hey there… for what its worth, this game has a feel closer to minecraft than little big planet.

        Also, (and this is wh yit was given the Lasseter seal of approval) the characters cannot cross into eachothers worlds…. you cannot play in the CARS playset with Mr. Incredible, vice versa, and so on and so forth…. they can only interact/play together in the Toy Box mode (i.e., minecraft ripoff)….

        regardless, as the dad of a 7 year old Skylander fan, i welcome this entry as it will appeal more to my daughter as well… to compare games like this to The Last of Us is just silly… ovbi they appeal to different demographics and the gameplay comparison doesnt work. C’mon man… get off your high horse and remember that people in your position arent the only ones playing video games.

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