New GTA V Details – DLC Will Be Available Post-Release

Some new Grand Theft Auto information has been revealed by Brazilian magazine PlayStation Revista Oficial, including that Rockstar will be supporting the game post-launch with downloadable content.

The full list of details, translated by Reddit user OverratedMusicGenre is below, revealing that the game will have bus routes and detailing the heists a bit more:

  • Franklin missions will be Wars Gangs and racing.
  • The heists are not part of the core gameplay story.
  • There will be DLC to buy, but Rockstar did not say when.
  • For the first time in the series there is Bus routes.
  • All “powers” from the characters will be activated with the button L3/LS.
  • Now the photos you take in the game can be uploaded to the Social Club.
  • According to the team of Rockstar, the look of Franklin was the only one who changed the most since the beginning of the game development.
  • Rockstar Tip 1: If you’re planning to steal a plane, go with Trevor, he is the best pilot.
  • Rockstar Tip 2: Want an escape from the crazy city? Go to Franklin, he is the best driver.

It’s not much, but anything about this game is exciting at the moment. It’s quite interesting that there appears to be a lot of variety in activities outside of the story missions, it should be quite an expansive game.

Source: Gameranx



  1. No surprises that there will be DLC, there’s been loads in the last few games.

    • No way man, no way! Post release DLC? No way! Rockstar have stumbled upon a real money spinner there, I just wonder how they came up with such an idea.

    • DLC is usually a given with special editions available on release that have some included already.

  2. I hope The Ballad of Gay Tony was profitable as it provided some stunning DLC for GTA IV. The multiplayer vehicles, tweaked graphics engine (PS3) and base-jumping was hugely appreciated.

  3. So we could be getting DLC for a game on PS3 6 months (or how ever long before they start releasing it) or so after PS4 is out?

    • We’ll all be playing it on PS3/360 until a next-gen version is announced/released. :)

    • Nice to know they’re supporting the game as well as the console. Fingers cross the DLC team aren’t the “now let’s make a PC and next-gen version” team as well. Means we all get looked after no matter what.

  4. I like the sound of each of the characters having different talents, like being a pilot or driver. I haven’t even finished the main story of GTA IV, let alone the DLC for that!

    • Much to my disappointment, some gamers (not u:) complained IV campaign was too long & as a consequence V campaign is shorter, or so I read.

      • I can see why they complained. IV’s story has just dragged on without much meaning behind it – if you compare it to Red Dead, RDR had a far more captivating story and felt plenty long enough.

  5. Any news about GTA V is cool with me as I’m counting down the days till it’s released…..can’t wait.

  6. Was hoping photos could be imported to xmb (JC2/MGS4.) I would like to see more devs implementing this.

    • (Umm… I could be wrong about JCause2.)

  7. Imma ride dem bus routes cuz I am gangsta baby! ;)
    This game is shaping up really nicely, though not sure how I will do with the main story if the map is open already, it’s a main motivation to stick with the story for me!

    • You’re missing the point!

      Just think of the possibilities…You’re in the downtime between missions, looking for some side missions to entertain you. Bang! a bus pulls up. Jump in, chuck the driver out, and now YOU’RE the driver. The endless excitement of sticking to a tight schedule, needing to make up 30 seconds to get to the next stop on time. Gotta drive carefully to stop the passengers complaining. Someone tries to pay with a note? Minigame kicks in with you refusing to give change. You spot someone running for your bus? Pull away just as they get to the stop. Man, I can’t wait to spend my time sitting in rush hour traffic.

      • 10/10, would buy for this feature. Here’s hoping for Bus mission related DLC

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