Xbox One Will Not Need Kinect To Function

Remember when the Xbox One was first revealed? It was a console that required a constant internet connection, had a restrictive system for used games, and needed Kinect to be connected at all times to play. Since that reveal Microsoft have done quite a bit of backpedaling and reversals.

The always online aspect and used game DRM were removed, and now it has been confirmed by Marc Whitten, Xbox Corporate Vice President, that the Xbox One will not need the Kinect to be plugged in for users to use the console. This revelation came through IGN’s Ask Microsoft Anything feature.

It makes you wonder why Microsoft said all of these things were necessary in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing. A less restrictive console offers much more competition, but why didn’t Microsoft say this before? It may have been because the company needed to justify the price, which will stick as the Kinect will still be bundled with the One, but Microsoft could have just said that.

However, now that we know that the Kinect is not a necessity it may be possible that Microsoft release a Kinectless One, which could price match the PS4. I doubt it would happen anytime soon, but maybe a year or so after launch Microsoft could consider it, depending on sales figures.

Source: IGN



  1. The worst thing is that they haven’t made these changes because of unhappy consumers and comments, it’s only what we can assume are very poor pre-order figures that are forcing MS to do it.

    • Its the unhappy non-customers that they’ve listened to. (ie. the people that would buy one if kinect could be turned off)

      • I doubt that pre-order figures are going to suddenly jump up because of this, but its a step in the right direction for the console.

  2. All this reversing of original choices doesn’t instill any confidence in Microsoft nor the console itself. They could potentially revert back again once they have an install base?

    • This is exactly why no amount of u-turns MS makes will convince me to buy an Xbone at this stage.

  3. MS may see a dip in preorders due to this maybe, people in hope they don’t have top overpay buy Kinect maybe?!

    • That was my first thought. I’m sure people who were on the fence now either wait for a Kinectless SKU next year or just go for a PS4 and get the One later, if they wanted to get both consoles anyways.

  4. A big win for those who didn’t want Kinect… except it’s still in the box. More of a reason not to buy until there is a kinect-less SKU, unless camera shaped paperweights are your thang.

    • wait a couple of weeks and you will have one without Kinect. I’m amazed at what Microsoft have done this gen.

  5. Good that they’re continuing to listen to feedback. Hopefully a kinect-less version of the X1 will be announced soon and the price will be more like the ps4’s then.

    • Lol, so naive it’s almost cute
      They’re not “listening to feedback”. If they were they would have sorted all this shit BEFORE E3, it’s not like this feedback wasn’t available then.
      Ever wondered why they only started reversing these policies AFTER pre-orders were opened and the numbers started coming through? And they didn’t give a damn about “feedback” until that point?

      “Listening to feedback” … don’t delude yourself. Shitting themselves over pre-order numbers and doing what they should have done 6 months ago when they first got a response to their console policies but bullishly pushed ahead anyway is more accurate.

      • If they were only basing the decisions on preorder numbers how would they know what’s putting people off? Obviously by looking at general comments across forums etc is how they know. So YES they are basing it on feedback!

      • technically pre order sales are feedback

      • They’re looking into what people didn’t like BECAUSE of bad preorder numbers. They tried to get away with it for as long as possible by employing a bully tactic, but now they’ve finally had to change in order to try to get better numbers. That’s not exactly filling me with high hopes of their strategy once the console’s out.

  6. How in the world could anybody take Microsoft seriously at the moment. Every core element of the Xbox One or Windows 8 has been redesigned or back tracked since the reveal…. I really can’t understand why people would still have faith in a company who are still making 180’s on their policies. (here’s looking at you Ginx TV)….

    • But they’re listening and improving the policies. How can that be bad?

      • It makes them look clueless. They’ve had years to come up with the future of their console and they came up with a box full of crappy policies. They clearly don’t understand core gamers since it took multiple PR shitstorms to make it clear that they are on the wrong path. How does that paint a bright future?

      • The only thing they’re listening to is pre-order numbers.
        Funny they had all this feedback months ago, before E3 even, but they only start changing policies after they start getting pre-order numbers in.
        That’s not listening to feedback, listening to feedback would have meant dealing with these problems when they first got a response to the console announcement.

  7. This console launch is a bit… er… confused isn’t it…?

    • Yeah, it’s really struggling to find its’ feet. Backtracking on policies can only do so much, plenty of confusion has already been created and that’s going to hurt their sales now no matter what they do.

  8. With all this backpeddling pretty soon the Xbox One will just be a concept on a piece of paper,i wouldn’t trust them as far as i could throw em,so many things that couldn’t be turned off or where required for the console to even work an TA-DA :D

  9. Not long before they release a non KInect version with same price as PS4. PS4 will still be better.

  10. I read that Kinect 2 costs almost as much to produce as the xbox one, which means they could possibly sell the xbox one for much less than PS4 by leaving Kinect out.. they probably will too. :/

    • Yeah, after that stament I’m sure they will get even more shit if they remove Kinect, which is supposed to cost aproximately 250€ and only lower the price of the SKU by 100€ to match that of the PS4…

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