Watch Dogs ‘Hacking Is Your Weapon’ Gameplay Video

This ‘Hacking Is Your Weapon’ video marks the start of a new series of gameplay focused trailers for Watch Dogs.

Everything in the city of Chicago is connected, meaning that if you can hack the system then the whole city is at your control. Aiden Pearce can raise bridges, cause blackouts, short circuits and even spy on the city through cameras and webcams. You can take things to a personal level too by hacking bank accounts and accessing personal texts and calls.


From the video we can also see that the game is looking absolutely wonderful, which pushes asides any worries brought about by this trailer.

I’ll be honest, until now Watch Dogs wasn’t on my radar. I didn’t really know what it was all about. Now after watching this it has boosted my interest for the game, and with even more to come from the rest of the gameplay series you can say I’m pretty excited for November.

Watch Dogs releases on the 22nd November for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC with a PS4 and Xbox One release date yet to be confirmed.



  1. Loved the look of this since last year’s E3.

    Can’t wait!

  2. Preordered this along with PS4 .. and watching this video has made me realise something very important – i’d better book more than one day off for the launch!

    • Same here, I think a couple of days off come launch day will be required lol

      • Replace days with weeks and you’ll be fine!

  3. Oh yeah.
    The only thing concerning me is the fact that this comes out late November and with the rumored PS4 launch in October, this would be missing the launch day even though Ubisoft said it would be available on next gen consoles on launch day. Are they able to push the next gen version to the launch? :(
    If WD misses the launch I hope at least AC4 will be available on day one.

    • I think Watch Dogs was announced as launching on PS4 first – which might mean there’s some truth to the rumoured Ocober 21st PS4 launch.. we’ll see.

  4. I was a little nonplussed about WD up until the above video. It’s intriguing and I like the hacking levelling tree system.

    This will be on my PS4 as soon as it’s available.

  5. this is looking good, I’m all over this

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