Rumour: Xbox One Delayed Until 2014

Go to your kitchen cupboard right now. Pull out that big salt container and empty as much of it as you can into your hands, as you’ll need to take this with far more than just a pinch of salt.

According to an anonymous source speaking to Gamereactor, Microsoft may be about to delay their next generation console into next year, giving the PS4 a mighty head start, meaning that it may not release until March due to January and February being unlikely release periods.

They “have no further information on what the cause of the delay is, whether there are issues with manufacturing or whether Microsoft are making last minute alterations” so it’s pretty clear that this probably isn’t at all true, despite their source telling them so.

The Xbox One is set to release in November.



  1. I do love the rumour mill, guaranteed to spice up an otherwise mundane Wednesday afternoon.

  2. Poor ol Microsoft.. :/

  3. I think there’ll be quite a few happy folk at Sony if true.
    There seems to be a bit of a curse with third gen consoles.

  4. MS would rather ship an unfinished product and shift stock from potential second tier countries to supply the US and UK with consoles in November.
    It would be hilarious, though…

  5. After all the last minute changes, it would not be unlikely…

    • That was my thought. They can’t afford bad publicity at launch with a competitor releasing theirs so closely. These changes wouldn’t have been planned for and they need to them to be ready and work on launch day.

      A delay wouldn’t be a surprise. A delayed release is better than a botched one with Sony ready to pounce. If you’re going to release so close together you have to be confident you’re going to win the early battle.

  6. I guess with the amount of back tracking (re-programming) I wouldn’t be surprised. Although when the news came out ages ago that the console would need to connect to the internet once for a system update to allow game sharing/24hr nonsense I assumed the consoles are already packaged which pretty much makes my first statement irrelevant :)
    It’s probably a load of bullcrap.

    • But all this backtracking has been software based, nothing a few post-launch firmware updates can’t fix. It just depends if MS want to launch a console with all the bad press, or try to rebrand and relaunch the One.

  7. If this happens I would be very very very surprised. I remember this rumour coming up about a month ago too, not sure from where though.

  8. PS4 in october rumour followed by X1 delayed rumour. “anonymous source” is no doubt having a chuckle to himself.

  9. Makes sense if true. Regroup, rename, and relaunch.

  10. it’s all a cunning plan to get sony to push their release back, and then BAM! XBOX1 available NOW!………….

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