Turns Out Nvidia Don’t Know GTA V’s PC Release Date

Following on from the half-news, half-rumours which popped up yesterday, Nvidia have popped up with a little clarifying statement on the flurry of internet activity they sparked.

During an investors call, Nvidia were mentioning several upcoming games for which they have strong development partnerships on PC, with Assassin’s Creed IV and CoD: Ghosts mentioned as games which could spur on PC gamers to upgrade their machines. However, they were speaking of these as near term PC releases, and name dropped GTA V as another title which would be releasing this Autumn on PC.


“In contrast, gamers are preparing their systems for a strong roster of games coming this fall, including blockbuster franchises, such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grand Theft Auto V and Assassin’s Creed IV.”

Naturally, this caused a bit of a tizzy, and Nvidia have been forced to backtrack with the following statement, as reported by Eurogamer:

“Please note, during our Thursday’s earnings call, our investor relations team provided a list of important games that gamers are looking forward to on PC this fall, and included Grand Theft Auto 5 on that list.

“This statement was made with the intent of expressing enthusiasm for the games industry in general, and was not intended to represent specific knowledge possessed by Nvidia. Nvidia does not have information on any possible PC version release of Grand Theft Auto or its availability. We deeply regret the error.”

So it was all a slip of the tongue, and those who would like to run GTA V at something higher than 720p will have to wait a while longer.

Via Eurogamer.


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  1. When i read the article on Eurogamer i was amazed at the conclusion they jumped too just from a throw away comment.

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