Analyst Claims PS+ On PS4 Will Net Sony $1.2bn

According to analysts at IHS Electronics and Media, Sony’s decision to put the PS4’s online multiplayer behind the PS+ pay-wall will generate the company upwards of $1.2 billion per annum moving forward.

Whilst neither Sony or Microsoft have publically confirmed the figures, the analysts have suggested Sony made just $140 million from PS Plus subscriptions in the 2012 financial year, while Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service – required for online play – netted the company a cool $1.25 billion in the same timeframe.


Revenue attained via Microsoft’s lucrative online service in the eleven years since its 2002 launch has reached an astonishing $4.7 billion the research firm went on to claim – before citing how Sony’s strategy for the PS4 will also help to increase their turnover next-gen, with “lower research and development costs for PlayStation 4 hardware, additional revenue streams from online service subscriptions and a more aggressive transition to higher margin digital content sales” all being factored in.

Source: CVG.



  1. I don’t really care as long as I still get “free” games!

    • Same here, as long as we get everything we get now I’ll be happy.
      I’m actually pleased Sony will make so much from PS+. They will, no doubt, invest some of that in a more robust system.

  2. My maths may be wrong but doesn’t that work out as needing 20 million subscribers at 60 dollars in the first year? If so i think that’s a hugely optimistic figure.

    • I think a 12 month sub is $50, so that’s roughly 24 million subscribers, which as you say, is extremely optimistic.

    • I doubt it will reach that amount in the first year, 12-18 months into the cycle as long as everything goes well, it could start to be within reach of those numbers

  3. Hopefully that will pay for improvements psn massively needs

    • …and there it is. That money will hopefully pave the way to a more robust, quicker, stable PSN for all of the lovely services we want.

  4. Surprising the difference online play makes to the figures. From a business point of view Sony had no choice but to charge for multiplayer!

  5. Sony honestly deserves to make this money off of PS+, the service is much more rewarding than Xbox live. What Sony puts into their offer is much more generosity than just plain money making like Live’s.

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