Catch The GTA Online World Premiere Today From 3PM

It’s hard to imagine -after so much waiting- that Rockstar’s sure-to-be sandbox swansong is just over a month away from release. While we’re guaranteed a satirical, unforgettable return to Los Santos, the studio has also been busy crafting an updated multiplayer component for Grand Theft Auto V.

Dubbed “GTA Online” the multiplayer portion of Rockstar’s blockbuster is getting its very own world première later today at 3PM (UK) or 10AM (Pacific). The reveal will include content from the developer itself and subsequent previews from the press, all of which will be accessible from here.

Source: Rockstar Games



  1. Looking forward to this. I’m really getting fed up of people who seem to not be interested in GTA V but yet have the need to let everyone know in EVERY single article that they aren’t.

    Rockstar have given all of you who were whining and complaining about how realistic it was and now have gone back to over the top gameplay and you still complain.

  2. I’ve only ever tried online GTA once, but I could be interested in this if it looks cool enough.

    For me it’s always been about the single player car-collecting experience.

  3. Looking forward to driving around listening to the talk radio stations these always make me laugh with the spoof ads!

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