PS Vita Gets Its Own Nintendogs

For hardcore gamers, this latest Sony-exclusive may be barking up the wrong tree, though will certainly help broaden the appeal of its punchy little handheld.

PlayStation Vita Pets is set to launch next year and comes from Sprial House, the same team behind launch title, Cliff Diving. Based in Liverpool, the studio has worked on a number of recent PlayStation hits, including WipEout, LittleBigPlanet, and MotorStorm.


Pets unavoidably shares a lot in common with NDS favourite, Nintendogs. Selecting one of four puppies, you will nurture them and lead them a plethora of activities while serving their everyday needs such as feeding/bathing.

However, the one thing that sets it apart from Nintendogs is the focus on adventuring. As fans of Nintendo’s pet sim will agree, there’s a undeniable novelty to raising your own virtual pup but in Nintendogs there wasn’t really anything to do outside the mundane list of chores.

PlayStation Vita Pets, on the other hand, will allow players to explore Castlewood Island, an expansive locale dotted with plenty of landmarks to explore. The four puppies available will also have their own characteristics and can even talk.

Spiral has confirmed that Pets will be present at this year’s Gamescom. Though only in demo form, it should still give Stefan enough time to get into bother with the RSPCA.



  1. I saw this earlier on ps blog, it looks pretty awesome, I mean a talking dog come on lol

  2. If they’re gonna call it ‘Pets’ I expect cats as well!

  3. Embedded YouTube videos on this site keep being posted with weird starting times, this one starts at about 1:22 in. Same with the Humble Origin Bundle one.

  4. I’ve never had high thoughts on Nintendogs, but this actually looked kinda cool. It’s not for me, but I can see others having a great time with it.

    The talking and adventuring makes all the difference.

  5. What I find surprising is that when Sony was compiling its ‘quick wins to turn the Vita around’ list… This came out…

    I understand the broader appeal but surely there are other developments under Priority 1 status?

    • I disagree I think Sony have nailed it this year

      Look at the mistakes after mistakes being made by XBOX at the moment

      Sony are playing things cool just like Nintendo did the year they thrived on the family market with nintendogs, wii etc (people were going nuts for that crap !!!)

      You have to congratulate Sony on their choices as this will pull in a different end of the market to the hardcore gamer. Plus the adverts for the vita now really push the link with PS4 which will push the hardcore gamer DAD/MUM to get that alongside (money permitting)

      There are still big games coming out for the vita (Killzone …enough said) and with the PS4 release you will see alot more but for all ends of the market.

      Just a thought …..

      • go wash your mouth out blasphemer ms will rise from the flames and rule the console world as always

  6. Kinda reminds me of “A dog’s Life” it was ok but obviously cats are just so underlooked for that sort of game.

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