PS Vita Pets Gets Launch Trailer

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released a new trailer for its latest handheld title, PlayStation Vita Pets. The game is due to hit the PlayStation Store as part of today’s regular update with a retail release on Friday.


For around £20, Vita owners can expect a colourful simulation/adventure hybrid, no doubt partly inspired by the popular Nintendogs series.

When comparing the two side-by-side there are clear differences, however. For one, in Pets the dogs actually talk to you, full lip sync and all. Also, instead of being stuck in a cycle of grooming, training, feeding, and watering your dog, Pets actually has a story-driven adventure mode.

We’re currently playing through the game and will be sharing our thoughts later this week.


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  1. Could be interesting to get in an attempt to get my 4 year old boy playing games. Thus far when he had shown an interest and I’ve sat with him to play he’s been frustratingly useless at controlling anything. Will keep my eye open for reviews on this.

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