Xbox One’s “Season Pass Guarantee” Gives 360 Users DLC Transfers

Microsoft have announced what they’re calling the Season Pass Guarantee. This new initiative means that players who purchase a season pass for “selected” Xbox 360 titles, will see the same content unlock on their Xbox One console.

Three of the platform’s biggest publishers – Activision, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft – are already on board with the scheme, meaning yesterday’s news that both Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ and Battlefield 4’s DLC will be cross-generation is surely a sign of good things to come, especially as gamers migrate to their new consoles in 2014.


“Season Pass Guarantee makes transitioning from Xbox 360 to Xbox One an easier and smoother process, so you don’t have to worry about which console you’re playing games on or repurchasing your existing add-ons on Xbox One.” said Microsoft.

Aside from Battlefield 4, confirmed yesterday via the PlayStation Blog, there’s no news yet as to whether Sony are planning something similar for the PlayStation family as a whole, but I’m sure we’ll know soon enough.




  1. I feel that this is a little ‘throw-away’ for the xbox? It’s nice and all, but if your looking to get the latest games and put any time in at all to even think about buying DLC surely you’ll be getting the Xbox One or PS4 and sticking to that???

    • It’s a simple gesture, though, and it encourages those who cannot afford a PS4 or Xbox One at launch to still buy the games which are spanning generations for the current consoles.

      This, instead of holding off on a purchase, because they don’t want to waste money on duplicating what they already have.

      It loses the publishers little, but gives everyone a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

  2. I can see Sony doing the same.

    • I expect those publishers mentioned will do the same deal with both platform holders. Seems silly not to.

  3. Hopefully Sony will do the same, if people will buy the games on for both generation consoles, the least Publishers can do is allow DLC and Stat transfer.

  4. I can’t see how this wouldn’t happen anyway to be totally honest? It’s hardly a big WOW reason to buy a console but good news anyway, even though it was totally expected.

  5. First positive thing i have seen about the XBone since it was revealed.

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