What We Played #118: Pikmin 3, Saints Row IV and Injustice

What We PlayedOn Monday night I played Perseid spotting for a good while and I have to commend the graphics, they were really quite spectacular.  I awarded myself a number of bronze, silver and gold trophies for my efforts but the platinum, See All the Perseids, eluded me.

More seriously, being back in the UK with some gaming time over the weekend I downloaded Pikmin 3, the game that is pretty much the sole reason I bought a Wii U.  And I am pleased to be able to report a complete lack of disappointment.

It just oozes the charm that I’ve come to expect from the series but apart from the odd glance at the map I’m staying away from the newfangled Gamepad in preference for playing with the trusty Wiimote and Nunchuck combo.


The only thing I’m not really tuned into yet is jumping between characters to split your control and multi task to complete the map quicker.  I still need to work on becoming more proficient at that.

I’ve also been playing some more Dropchord, which I’ve now played quite a bit on my Xperia S and Nexus 10 as well as the Nexus 7 I was playing during my travels last week.

[drop2]What that’s shown is how much of a difference screen size makes.  I consistently get my highest scores on my Xperia, I think because of the smaller and hence quicker movements on the smaller screen.

I also outscore my Nexus 7 attempts when playing on the Nexus 10.  In that case I think it’s because it’s easier to bring more fingers to the party.  But regardless of the device and screen size it’s firmly established itself as my go-to game when I have an odd few moments to fill.

Peter’s been playing Splinter Cell: Blacklist this week along with some *CENSORED*, *CENSORED* and also a few hours of *CENSORED*.  I recommend checking back this time next week when we can tell you more about them.

The “genuinely fun and quite funny” Saints Row IV proved to be “nothing outstanding” for Blair this week.  “A good parody though, which is relatively mindless, decent and quite lengthy.”

He’s been somewhat more excited about SteamWorld Dig on his 3DS which he’s been busy reviewing.  How excited?  You know the cafe scene in When Harry Met Sally… that kind of excited.

Oh my God!  It’s one of the best indie titles I’ve played recently. It’s like Terraria, but much more engaging and fun with some brilliant puzzle and platforming mechanics!

When his 3DS has been back on charge Plants Vs. Zombies 2 has had a look in and is reportedly “just as addictive as the first”.  He seeks to set our minds at rest regarding the in-app purchases saying that “they’re not intrusive at all” and are just essentially avoidable “cheats”.

Aran’s fight against injustice has left him feeling dishonoured this week.  Sorry, I read that wrong.  He’s been reviewing the “very well crafted” Witches of Brigmore DLC for Dishonored. He says that “the story is great and really adds to the tale, making you see a new perspective”, something he’s a fan of.

Injustice: Gods Among Us he tells us is like a slower, easier but still good, version of Mortal Kombat with a decent, but short story.  He recommends Deathstroke and Aquaman as go-to fighters in versus mode.

And over to you…



  1. Played through MoH Warfighter. Awful. Luckily it only lasted about 3 hours. Then randomly decided to play Ghostbusters again. I’d pretty much forgotten everything about it, so enjoying that. Picked up some Summer Sale stuff on PSN too, but only played a bit of Simpsons Arcade so far. Man, if you’d have told a ten year old me that one day I’d be able to play as much of that game as I liked, for free!……

  2. Finished my Hardcore Dead Space 3 playthrough, and made more progress on my Pure Survivor playthrough with McProley.

    We also had a few games of Infected on MW3 which I haven’t done for ages, and it’s bloody good fun!

    On Vita I’ve just been chipping away at the LBP DLC, on the last one now and may have it back to 100% over the weekend.

    On my iPhone I’ve started Plants vs Zombies 2 which is always good fun, and have completed Tiny Thief and obtained 3-stars on all the levels. It’s a great little game and there’s a nice Easter Egg for getting 76/76 gold stars!

  3. This week has mainly been about Monster Hunter 3. Created a character and starting playing the co-op with a buddy, only to discover the game really isn’t designed to be played like that. Instead its practically essential to start with the game’s lengthy single player tutorials in order to craft some decent armour and create some important items to use in battle.
    Given I don’t really enjoy single player games these days I was pretty disappointed, but the actual game looks great so I will stick with it and hope it doesn’t take /too/ long to get my character to a state where I can then tackle the co-op quests.

    Other than that I played through the Wonderful 101 demo after watching Friday’s Nintendo Direct. The demo sort of throws you into the action with very little explanation but that is P* through and through and the actual game is chaotic brilliance. Between the deep combat, stunning visuals, fun co-op levels and cheesy storyline, this game is right up my alley and is easily Platinum’s best work. Were it not for Splinter Cell Blacklist I would be buying this game day-one. Instead, I will wait for a small price drop and pick it up later this year.

  4. Myself, Forrest and Wardy tidied up the few remaining trophies we needed in Dead Island Riptide and all 3 of us now have the platinum.
    I have been playing a lot more Everybody’s Golf and just need to beat 2 more crown challenges to obtain the platinum, however they are ridiculously difficult and I have already had about 20 attempts at both of them with no joy.
    I’m also still playing Animal Crossing and am currently in the process of redecorating my house and getting rid of all furniture that I am either a) not using or b) not collecting as part of a set.
    In between bouts of EBG and AC I am slowly working my way through Lego LoTR on Vita.

    • Your’e not wrong there mate, some of those Crowns on Everybody’s Golf are insanely difficult. Fantastic going though to get to just 2 left.
      I haven’t even completed the stars yet, stuck on that one platinum tier N°5 18 hole at the Legacy Links using the dreadful ‘Traditional shots only’ control method….I’m ok with all the other control methods that are needed, but not that ‘traditional’ button mash twat. Circle is my main/favourite control method of the five available.
      Frustrating but ultimately a great challenge and über addictive!

  5. been a slow week in work so i’ve had twitch tv on in the background and was watching a chap play Hitman Absolution, he seemed to be having a lot of fun with it so I picked up a copy off ebay for £6 and that’s what i’ll be playing tonight.

    Picked up Retro City Rampage and Thomas was Alone in the sale but not managed to play Retro yet. Plus i’ve sunk some hours into Ni No Kuni and Final Fantasy IX.

  6. A week of trials for me.
    I played the freemium version of Breakquest Evolution, that is i played arund 75% of the levels before i ran out of balls and then i deleted it. No point in spending money just to finish it. Nice visual upgrade from the previous minis though which is a shame as i would have paid a reasonable price for it without the freemium nonsense.
    I also played the Rayman demo which looks lush, even more so than Origins and is a delight to play.

    I played a little bit of LEGO LOTR game but not liking it much. Also played the ibb & obb trial but didn’t get too far in that either, although that might be because i was trying to do both sticks at once .. :)

  7. As I’ve had a week off I have finished Remember Me (one of my games of the year), Metro Last Light (which is just weird at the end) and played lots of Killzone 3. Obvs.

    And now I’m off to Hawaii. Tata!

  8. Well i have been mostly playing NFS:MW on vita and i am down to the online trophies which are a pain in the arse , None of my mates have the Vita version which is a pain. So could i ask a favor those who have it or played it add me PSN id Nismo400R84.

  9. I’ve played a fair bit of Internet Browser on Wii U, and a small bit of The Last of Us, Mario Bros U and Tales of Xilia (it’s quite beautiful, but the battle theme is too J-Rock’y and doesn’t fit with the rest of the score).

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