Picture This #2: Winners and Answers

Time’s up on the second edition of Picture This. The task proved to be a little tougher this time around, with only 4 people scoring the maximum of 20 and an average score of 15.59. Still, that’s a nice high batting average for this contest, and as long as you got at least 10 correct answers you were in with a shot of winning one of these soft and fuzzy worms:


Congratulations go to suck69, CharlseY and DeathByNumbers, our three winners in that order. Keep an eye on your emails for information on how you’ll be receiving your prizes.

Here is the full set of answers, which you can click on and see much bigger, for those of you who want to check how you did. Thanks for playing and stay tuned for more editions of Picture This in the future.

In the meantime, we’re holding another competition and giving away even more Worms, in the form of Worms Revolution and Worms Reloaded game codes.




  1. Haha thanks a lot! I didn’t get Thirteen at all, I answered all the ones I knew pretty quickly seems I got four wrong as well which is a bit embarrassing – looked at the U and thought UFC :( wouldn’t be quite as bad if I didn’t have the platinum trophies for MGS2 and 3. Think I’m going to blame the fact that I played MGS1 in black and white.

  2. This was harder than I thought. I was confused on a few of them like Dead Space vs Starhawk, Uncharted vs Army of Two, and Far Cry 3 vs Just Cause 2. I see how I got those confused, but the Pokemon font just doesn’t seem right to me. Wonderful competition tho.

    • Sorry for the double post, I realized why the pokemon logo didn’t look right. The blue outline is much bigger on the actual logo.

      • Ah, you’re right! That one had me stumped, too.
        I think I suggested that we put in an accent on the e, but we didn’t quite have time.

  3. I got all except 12, and I’m happy with that as I had no idea what that boxart looked like anyway. I’d have been gutted if it was one I should have known…

  4. Bugger! I meant to enter this but time constraints prevented me. Congratulations to the winners.

    • Same! I got all 20 too :(

  5. I think I did actually get them all, providing just putting ‘Counter-Strike’ for 12 and ‘Burnout: Paradise’ for 19 counts. Actually think I might have missed the ‘3’ of Battlefield and Far Cry too come to think of it, so not sure if they counted as well.

    • It asked for games or series, so I think they all would have counted ;)

      • Hopefully so, the prize would have been a great, but the fact I was able to get them all makes me happy. Congratulations yourself!

  6. Loved this. 17/20 for me. Some toughies on that list. Congrats to the winners and well done everyone who got top marks.

  7. Got myself 14 and a worm ! !

  8. Forgot to enter but missed a few anyway,for some reason i thought Number 2 was one of the Army of Two games,anyway good comp and congratulations to the winners.

  9. Well go to the foot of our stairs I won. Must of been an omen just brought some worms games on PSN in the sale this weekend.

  10. Not bad for a guy who hasn’t played anything not on Playstation. Think I only scraped through with the 10 answers tho.

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