TSA’s Got Worms

TSA has been invaded by Worms! Help us find the slippery, slimy devils and you could win a code for Worms Revolution on PS3 and Xbox 360 or Worms Reloaded on PC (Steam).

We’ve managed to defend the body of the articles, but a plucky group of five worms have taken to hiding in the header images within TSA articles and news from today and yesterday – Thursday and Friday – so you’ll have to hunt around to find them. Naturally articles about Worms, such as the review don’t count, as they’ve taken to trying to expand their territory.

Just look at this little blighter, who we’re making an example out of, camped out on the end of Scrooge McDuck’s walking stick! That’s the kind of wriggling beast you’re looking for!

Let me at 'em!

Once you’ve found them all, copy the links to the articles where they are located into the entry form below. We have five codes for each of the three platforms, so you’ll need to let us know which your preferred platform is and if you have a secondary platform, just in case all the codes for your preferred one are gone.

We’ll close the competition at 6PM on Monday 19th August at which point we will randomly select winners from the correct entries. Remember, you must find all five Worms for your entry to be valid.

As usual TSA’s terms and conditions apply, whilst code eligibility for the Xbox 360 and PC codes are open worldwide but for the PS3, codes are for Europe only.

TSA’s Got Worms
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Our extra special thanks to Bunimomike for helping out with the images and generally being a bit alright.



  1. Done! :)

    Very nice competition guys.

  2. Who did those images? Crafted by some sort of god of pixels. Whoever he is, you should think about using him again. Maybe pay him in gold too.

    • All you get is a snarky comment, you big prima donna, you! <3

  3. Done! Sweet contest :)

  4. Great contest, and open to European participants too! Yay! :D

  5. Good competition and it worked too. I found a couple of great articles I’d missed while I was hunting about.

  6. Entered. Those pesky worms get everywhere!

  7. Thought I would give this one a go. Good work guys!

  8. Last one took me quite a while to find, thanks for the competitions guys!

  9. Nice competition, though it has highlighted how difficult it is to see every article, the News page seems rather selective for example.

    • I’m sorry, that seems to be a bit of a bug with how articles are tagged and filtered, which has crept in with the redesign.
      You can always get an unadulterated list view by clicking the ‘I’ to the right of the search box, or visiting http://www.thesixthaxis.com/vertical/

    • We only show news on the left hand side, with featured articles on the right.

      I thought that made sense but people are complaining, so we’re going to change it.

      • Nah, he means the News page itself, from the menu thingy at the top-wotsit. You see?

    • Thanks for the replies guys and for the vertical view tip.

      I was indeed referring to the News page via the top link as it specifically did not list one of the articles which contained a worm.
      I actually don’t mind the front page being selective by showing featured articles from across each category, as long as the dedicated pages then show all content in that category in date order.

      Cheers guys

  10. Entered found the first 4 easily,took a while to find the last one but got there in the end.

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