Worms Collection Announced

Mastertronic have announced the ‘Worms Collection’ for PS3 and Xbox 360.


The compilation will feature Worms, Worms Ultimate Mayhem and Worms 2: Armageddon, plus an additional six DLC packs.

The collection will be released in the UK on 31st August and will be at a ‘price you can’t afford to miss’.

Team 17 have recently announced that the latest game in the series, Worms Revolution, will be heading to the PlayStation Store on 10th October priced at £9.99/€12.99.

Source:  Press Release / EU PS Blog



  1. No sign of Worms Golf, pity. I already have all the worms games on PSN but its nice that they’re releasing a collection. lovely.

    • I haven’t bought any of them yet because they were all a bit pricey when I looked at them seperately, but a tenner for this lot seems ideal. Nice new picture by the way!

      • I think its just a tenner for the new one actually – The Worms collection mentioned above has no price as yet as i undertstand it.

        If it’s going to be a ‘price you can’t afford to miss’ for all 3 games though, i would think you might be looking around the £15-£20 mark. Although i could be wrong! :S

    • I jsut bought 4 copies of worms reloaded on steam for £18. Pretty good value.

  2. I saw this in the Argos catalogue on the weekend its priced at £17.99.

    • You saw what in the what now?

      An as yet unreleased collection in the Argos book? Hmm.

      • Yes honestly its in the new Argos catalogue it says release date is 31st august. You can check it out online catalogue number is 908/9826. obviously the release dates wrong but it is in there. On the 2 for £30 offer too.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, i did believe you but it just seemed very strange to me is all.

        However, what i hadn’t taken from the above article is that the release date is actually a Friday, meaning it is more than likely a boxed product. I thought they would just be doing a bundle on the store.

  3. I bought Ultimate Mayhem, but it felt, looked and sounded very old. It even had performance issues.

    But this collection also has the good 2D ones, so colour me interested.

  4. Are they still flogging this horse? :-)

  5. that’s weird.
    i’m not detecting any trace of double entendre.
    you ok TC?
    it feels like the world is out of balance.

    better rectify that.

    uh, ahh, i know.

    what other organs do they have 1 to five pairs of? ^_^

    balance is restored.

    i can still remember the original Worms on the amiga.
    one of the first games that allows user customisation if i recall.
    you could rename the worms in your team and change the sound effects, i think.

    i was never a big fan of the 3d versions, it was way to hard judging the trajectory in 3d.
    for me anyway.

    • Yep, for some reason Hogs of War did it much better. Seriously miss that game. :(

      …& they did it before worms decided to go 3D if i recall.

      • i think i played a bit of Hogs of War years ago, it wasn’t bad actually.

      • I used to love Hogs of War – Me & a friend of mine would have some pretty epic battles on it until the early hours of the morning quite often.

        Did help that we were boh massive fans of Rik Mayall though & he voiced the entire game!

    • Worms are asexual so dont have any naughty bits. #Fail

  6. Hogs of War is one of my favourite games of all time. cant believe there hasn’t been a sequel or another game like it for 2 generations. i would still play it now if i still had my ps1

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