Worms Revolution Warring Worms Trailer

Team 17 have released a new trailer for Worms Revolution which is scheduled to arrive on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 10th for £9.99.


The video shows off the swanky new physics engine that includes water simulation, allowing you to wash opposing annelids off the battlefield.

As usual there is an array of wacky weaponry to use and the opportunity to add a fetching moustache to your favourite nematode. Comedian Matt Berry will be narrating the game as as fictional wildlife documentary maker Don Keystone.

Source: YouTube



  1. I know this is an obvious comment but Worms on the Vita would be awesome. I hope one does get released for it.

    • +1
      It would be a real shame if thay didn’t do something on the Vita with this.

  2. The more Worms has gone on the less I like it, I’m just happy with the original on the PC.

    My friends got into worms recently and started kicking my ass as I hadn’t played it in ages so I may end up picking this up.

  3. Worms is a cracking game although i’ve not tried worms golf yet.
    Also i heard the moustache you get in this game used to be a stunt double for Burt reynolds moustache? Probably just a rumour. 8)

  4. Looks good. Not sure if I’ll buy it, though. I miss Worms World Party…

  5. Same ol worms really, going to be good fun whenever played. Can’t wait.. hopefully a Vita release? Cross play would be excellent for it.

  6. Worms golf is great fun, picked it up in the PSN golf sale a few months back :)

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