Community Chronicle: 18/08/13

“Holy skeuomorphism, Batman!” is what I imagine quite a few of you are thinking. Just how could we have followed through with this plan? If you don’t like terrible verse, it might be time to start drinking.

Apple might be ditching the thinking that a calendar needs to be leather bound and have bits of torn paper showing from under the stitching, but I’m more than happy to have a sticker-esque banner and write in a manner that rhymes.

Oh, and a special thanks to Peter, for making us this lovely collection of stickers.


Do you remember the Japanese PS3 adverts with gaming faces? Well this is like that, but with places (and/or cats). From messy and small to encompassing consoles all, and with every single game on shelves and in cases.

Ryan1991 is a man I often play games with for fun, from the days with Uncharted [2] – until this gaming group parted – to more modern times and running through Payday 2 cons.

Nothing too special here. It was last year, my fatty PlayStation had a disc drive problem and I was like, “Oh dear! But never fear, for a new PS3 Slim will shortly be here!”

To the rear, I have a lovely 24″ television, on which I play Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen which, with its difficulty, is known to give me hypertension.

The PC I’ve had since 2012. It’s become my platform of choice and I rejoice whenever I hear Teflon’s wonderful voice. I’m currently running a third-gen i7, 8GB of RAM and the nVidia GTX 560 GPU. It’s such a terrific machine, that I wish I’d bought two.

Now onto the games, of which there’s many to choose, the one to play is Saints Row: The Third when I’m feeling the blues. My collection isn’t as wide as some I’ve seen on the Chronicle, but I wouldn’t trade them in, not even for a monocle. I do love my collector’s editions, as you can plainly see, not one superhero figurine, not two, but three!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my entry into the Chronicle, it’s been far from a doodle. In fact, it’s been maniacal, because Teflon wanted me to rhyme for his little article!

Alright, alright. I hear your cries of anguish – and I’m struggling here, anyway, specially with Ryan’s obvious poetic talent – so I’m going to stop rhyming now. Not to mention that some of my rhyming was far too obscure and convoluted.

However, I might start again if you don’t all promise to share your own set ups by getting in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just sending an email out of the blue to [email protected] If you do the latter, don’t forget to chuck your TSA ID in there, so I know who you are.


Quiet weeks seem to be the norm, these days, as just a few people have major achievements to report. No doubt the next few weeks, and the flurry of late August game releases will get things ticking over again.

So we start things off with R1MJAW, Forrest and Wardy, who finished up Dead Island: Riptide, working out the final few trophies they needed to get themselves a platinum trophy each. R1MJAW is also closing in on the rather tricky Everybody’s Golf platinum, but stumped by just a few of the trickiest challenges.

Crazy_Del took to his Vita to grab himself the Rayman Origins platinum on the handheld, whilst BadBoyBoogie went for the fastest time on Generator Rex: Agent Of Providence.

You might never have heard of that one before, but then again, neither had he, “until about a week ago when a mate suggested I rent it for a quick plat, as I need a few quick ones (plats that is!) to get to 99. I want to make The Last Of Us my 100th platinum, and I’m itching to get started on it!”

Well that makes it somewhat excusable, I guess.

I’m not so sure about tactical20‘s choice of games, though, as he played through Medal of Honor: Warfighter, branding its short single player campaign as “awful”. At least he went on to play something half-way decent, putting in a little time on Ghostbusters.

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the fastest platinums board. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. Lovely banner images. Words aren’t bad, either :)

  2. Cracking rig dude, love the dual screens set up… so handy and the mammoth-spec PC!
    Another shelf support bracket might be handy for the low slung games storage bench….only a few quid in any self respecting DIY store :P
    The poetry was wasted on me by the way but keep up the good work haha.

    • Thanks Freeze. I would go and get a brand new shelf, but it’s not something I want to do myself. I’d rather let it sag, please don’t nag.

  3. Loving the gaming collectibles with the games underneath. Agreed with freezebug, need a solid shelf as this is slightly bendy xD

    • You gotta love a collectible, the view of them is quite delectable. They’ve cost me a pretty penny, but I’ll never tell you how many.

  4. I really need to stop rhyming. Damn you Tef.

  5. And a good time was had by all :),also nice set up Ryan.

  6. Lovely Chronicle and stunning, rhyming nonsense, fella. Great to see the rig from which we take on the world (read: missions in Payday 2). :-)

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