Vita Redesign Rumours Surface – 6.3″ Screen, Doubled RAM

With just dozens of hours to go until Gamescom, the rumours are heating up. According to Magic Box, the Japanese newspaper Tokyo Keizai is reporting that there could be a Vita redesign in September – a Vita XL of sorts.

They say it’ll have a 6.3 inch screen, which is much bigger (and probably much more uncomfortable) than the current 5 inch screen, with the same resolution of 960×554. Apparently the RAM will increase to 1GB – which isn’t something we’ve really seen before with systems – so that more programs will be able to run in the background (multiple games at once, perhaps?), but the RAM the games have access to will stay the same.


Oh, and it’ll be more in-line with the PS4 design, so expect harsh, angled edges for maximum comfort!

Here’s the thing, though – DualShockers have looked into it and Magic Box’s source doesn’t actually exist, on the internet at least. The rumour doesn’t really make that much sense in the first place, an increase in RAM and screen size (with the already large screen) is extremely odd.

So, the ‘newspaper’ is actually a University in Tokyo. Perhaps its a student newspaper, then? How would they have access to this information?

Or maybe Magic Box got a bit mixed up – there’s actually a weekly magazine named Toyo Keizai, which could be where their source is from. But without actual proof, this rumour doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Perhaps we’ll find out in about 48 hours time at Sony’s Gamescom conference.



  1. Unless it’s just a ‘lite’, cheaper version i think it’s too soon for anything more than that.

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