Rumour: Homefront 2 Early Footage Leaks

Homefront was a game that had its flaws, but there was a solid enough base that could have really pushed the title to greatness.  The series has found a home at Crytek after THQ sold off the IP during closure, with Homefront 2 rumoured to be releasing next year on the new consoles, as well as current gen

Now it allegedly appears some very early footage has leaked, though whether it is from a Crytek build or a THQ one remains unknown.

There isn’t much going on in the video with it being more of a tour of the in game assets and level design. It looks like it is being played on a 360, or at least a build of the 360 version. Whether we’ll hear more about Homefront 2 soon remains a mystery.

Source: Youtube



  1. If it’s fake then it’s the cleverest fake I’ve ever seen.

  2. The video has been taken down. Must be real.

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