PopCap’s Peggle 2 and PvZ: Garden Warfare Releasing First On Xbox

As part of their ongoing push for exclusivity and early access, Microsoft has announced that the upcoming PopCap titles Peggle 2 and Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare will be launching first on Xbox One.

Officially revealed today, Peggle 2 offers all-new levels, improved power-ups, and Kinect intergration for Xbox One, with the slightly bizarre Plants Vs Zombies inspired FPS, Garden Warfare, bringing it’s own host of Xbox only features including more Kinect, local co-op and SmartGlass functionality on release.



EA also announced that there will be playable zombies in PvZ: Garden Warfare, such as soldiers, all-stars and engineers. It looks like a bit like third-person Team Fortress, with plants and zombies replacing the Red and Blu teams, as you can see in the above trailer.

Peggle 2 will be available at the – currently unknown – Xbox One launch, whilst Garden Warfare will follow sometime in 2014.

Source: CVG



  1. Woohooo, popcap games!!!

  2. So Garden Warfare is eventually coming to PSN? Because that’d be sweet.

    • Yeah, probably after a few months I assume.

  3. Megaton.

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