WeView: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

I’ll be honest here by saying that fighting games really aren’t my thing; this is something that became very evident to me back in the PS1 era. Unsurprisingly, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (try saying that five times fast!) followed this trend, without even receiving a second glance from me.

Battle Royale boasts over twenty first and third party PlayStation characters, each with their own moves and unique abilities. You can’t deny that there is certainly something special, and incredibly crazy, about pitting Nathan Drake up against LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy or a Big Daddy from BioShock.

Another point in favour for Battle Royale is the cross-buy feature, allowing you to receive both the PS3 and PS Vita versions for one purchase. There has also been a healthy amount of DLC following release including new characters and arenas.

Blair, unlike me, was a lot more enthusiastic about the game when he reviewed it, scoring the game an impressive 9/10.

Although he initially called the game “a tough one to judge” he went on to say that “the arcade mode is perfectly played out”. He also gave credit to the character-specific stories before and after each arcade mode saying that “SuperBot should be proud of just how loyal they’ve been with each game series”.

For the review Blair tried out the PS Vita counter part too, concluding that the “Vita version is every bit as good a game”.

To put it simply, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is exactly what a mash-up should be – not single game environments, not stories that only include the character of one specific game, but a fusion – a celebration even – of the brilliant PlayStation games that we all know and love.

It’s a complete package with a few flaws, but ultimately a brilliant purchase for both PlayStation and fighting fans. Get some friends around – or play with them online – and have an absolute blast with SuperBot’s brilliant debut.

Now it’s over to you to share your opinions on Battle Royale. Pop down your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to remember to give the game either a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating. We’ll have the verdict article up next Monday, so get your thoughts down by Sunday.


  1. I love this game, it’s simplicity makes it easy for anyone to play especially those who struggle with the likes of MK & street fighter. This game is just simple x square circle triangle & R2 to super attack no x square up triangle for special move lol.

    I recommend buying it as its cheap in both formats.

    Buy it

  2. When I play PSABR I enjoy it a lot. There’s a great variety in the number of fighters available and I actually enjoy the special-move combat. It’s a skill-based fighter for sure, but the random, spontaneous nature of specials can often level the battlefield between new and skilled players.

    The biggest drawback is how the game presents itself. I was expecting a fully-integrated story mode, not just arcade ladders for each character. What’s more, aside from the repetitive challenges there was no other content bar online multiplayer.

    I still like the game but, knowing what I know now, wouldn’t have got it at full price.

    Bargain Bin It.

  3. I found the combat very repetitive due to the lack of moves & combos. Very little modes in single player and the online was a buggy disconnection-fest.


  4. A very good game almost ruined by poor UI and a complete lack of depth in single player. I got the game on sale so no bad but for others I would definately say bargain bin purely due to it’s single player failings.

  5. PSABR is the go to game in terms of having a few mates around and playing local multiplayer, or 2 vs 2 online. Sadly the game doesn’t hold up to well once your mates have left and your playing alone.

    Bargain Bin It.

  6. I’m not a fan of fighting games, I spend all of 5 minutes on Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter but I did enjoy this. The roster of characters won’t please everyone but it was never likely to. Some of the big names aren’t owned by Sony and the breathe of classic characters through the PlayStation era is too big to cover all basis.

    What I really like was (as someone who doesn’t enjoy fighters much) that you always have a chance and are never completely out of a battle.

    This wasn’t the genre I would want a Playstation mash-up to be but it does kind of work. I especially liked the clip where the Little Sister wants to unzip Sackboy.

    It’s a game you really need to play with friends and pick up now and again rather than dedicate hours every day to it. As a rental it doesn’t really work so I would say buy it buts that’s mainly because you get a digital copy of the Vita version with it.

  7. A solid game held back to try and appeal to the softcore. It plays a little to much like Super Smash Bros which is to its credit and disadvantage. It is a finely balanced game with all fighters being particularly balanced but the environments are downright shallow. The concept trailer released recently highlighted this as the ambition in that was clear to see.

    But, this game when played with friends is immense. Like Smash Bros, its designed for four people sat on a sofa playing and nudging each other for 3 delicately poised minutes.

    I dislike the fact that Emmnett and Zeus are in it instead of Cloud, Sephiroth, Crash, or Spyro. But having Nathan Drake, Radec and Swwet Tooth compensates somewhat.

    A good game, not great. Arcade is a bore but the online and played with friends is brilliant fun. For that alone, it is worth anyone’s time and money. Buy it.

  8. A great fighting mash-up that, if you’re willing to learn how to use specials properly, is incredibly rewarding as there’s nothing better than taking out all three enemies in one swoop. However this does prevent just anyone from picking up the controller and having a fair chance. If they’d of used a health system then it would have had a much broader appeal, despite the obvious Smash Bros influence.

    While the gameplay was fun there wasn’t much to do aside from the bland arcade story. A few more modes would have gone a long long way.

  9. This wasn’t on my radar at all (and obviously stayed that way for a lot of people) but gave the beta a try on PS3 and thought it’s ok. Then, I tried the beta on Vita and it became a day one buy. I much prefer my fighting games on portable consoles and PSASBR is fantastic for this.It plays quite differently to other fighters since you need a super-move for a kill and I think this adds to the character of the game. It is a game you can always go back to for a quick session. BUY it.

  10. I mostly fire upp this game on my vita. The PS3 version don’t get to much love anymore. This is because I like playing this game for 10-15 minutes at a time when I’m on the go.
    Because of the X-buy that this game supports I suggest gettig it for PS3 even if you plan on only playing it on vita.
    BUY IT on PS3 since you get both versions of the game.

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