What We Played #119: Battlefield 4, TitanFall and The Wonderful 101

What We Played

Real world concerns have meant practically zero gaming for me this week but fortunately those in the team who aren’t off eyeing up all the buff marines on their annual pilgrimage to a tropical island have managed some video gaming.

Spec Ops: The Line has failed to impress Kris with the game feeling very generic.  He’s still trying to get to grips with the squad command system, but is optimistic about that, and is eagerly anticipating a turning point in the story which has been widely praised.


When FPS-fatigue has set in he’s turned to Sonic Dash on his iPhone which he reckons is “really good and enjoyable, which is surprising for a Sonic game with the camera locked behind his back”.  The only criticism being a lack of responsiveness at times.

Stefan, as some will probably already know, is off playing all the games at Gamescom.  When I heard from him he’d been playing Battlefield 4 on the PS4 and was planning a second helping.  He also reports that TitanFall is “rather good”.

[drop]It’s the weather, as opposed to his PS3, that DanToo has been enjoying this week but he has played a little GTA IV which was “tonnes of fun”.  Interesting that he uses metric and not imperial measurements for fun.

He’s also played some God of War Ascension but got stuck on a puzzle and put that to one side while he strives to maintain his six-pack with Move Fitness.  On his PS Vita he’s been playing Open Me for our review and says, “it’s a good game, which is a shame, as I can see many people overlooking it due to the AR use”.

Peter’s gaming this week has delivered a balanced mix of good and bad news:

I’ve played The Bureau: XCOM Declassified for review, and I really enjoyed it. It plays a little fast and loose with the XCOM fiction by charting the creation of a clandestine organisation in 1962 that deals with the alien invasion. Enemy Unknown seemed to know nothing of those same aliens when they invaded in 2015 of that game.

That said, the setting and period of The Bureau is a great fit for this fiction and it plays very much like Mass Effect 3. Certainly not perfect, a little samey throughout the missions but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Unfortunately, the remake of Flashback wasn’t so successful. It’s dire. It takes all the subtlety and tension of the original 1993 game and stuffs it into the Unreal Engine with some of the worst scripting and voice acting I’ve ever experienced. An insult to the quality of the first.

Like Kris, Aran has been playing Spec Ops: The Line and his verdict of the broadly “enjoyable” game is that “it’s a decent shooter though there’s a few hard bits.  It’s a pretty graphic experience, and I’ve ran into a tough choice already”.

[drop2]Blair has played the surprisingly long The Wonderful 101 and says that “it’s actually great fun, particularly in the latter half of the game. It’s a really original idea and I want it to sell massively, even though that’s not likely due to it being a new IP for the Wii U.”

Sounds like I will be using that 30% discount I’ll get on The Wonderful 101 for already having bought Pikmin 3 from the Nintendo eShop.  Blair’s Wii U has also been exercised by Duck Tales and Pokémon Rumble U.  The latter “isn’t great but the NFC figures are a great feature”.

Because the Gamepad hasn’t been giving him that full handheld/mobile feeling he’s played more of SteamWorld Dig, which he’s been returning to long after completing the main story, and Plants Vs. Zombies 2 which is “a good distraction and quite a bit of fun”.

How about you?  Did any of you make it to Gamescom and play anything tasty?



  1. I’ve been playing Black ops 2 (for a change), Jak and Daxter Trilogy (Vita) and I won a code for Fate/EXTRA so I’ve just started playing that. It’s a bit weird but I’m enjoying it so far

  2. Been playing Killzone mercenary beta. As I was playing, I was trying figure out what’s making this game not exciting as other KZ then I realised its cause the vita doesn’t have vibrate so therefore the feeling of the gun making it just a shooter!!

    Tried play a bit of max Payne 3 & assassin creed 3 just can’t get into both games

    • Oh and if anyone is interested, there is a free theme for the order 1888 whatever it’s called on psn store

  3. I never thought I was that bad at games but I’m only about 2hrs in on Spec Ops (normal) & I’m completely stuck and getting shot to bits! I think I’m gonna have to watch a walkthrough and see how everyone else deals with the onslaught.

    • “I think I’m gonna have to watch a walkthrough and see how everyone else deals with the onslaught.”


      • You could be onto something there.

  4. PvZ2 on iPhone.

    I finally 100%’ed LBP on Vita – my God did the DLC drag :/ I also started Black Ops Declassified which seems ok actually, although rather tough on Veteran ([email protected] tough)! I also had one game of Killzone Mercenary on Vita which is great and looks incredible!!

    On PS3 I’ve mainly been playing the BioShock Infinite DLC…I just need to finish some Blue Ribbon challenges on the final arena to get the last trophy. However, it is disgustingly glitch…there are so many blatant glitches, the devs must have just decided to ignore them and release it anyway. I think I might have played some Dead Space 3 and MW3 too (it’s been a long week so it could have been the week before).

    sanmartinez very kindly helped me capture some game footage too from MW3 for my YouTube channel!

  5. Not a huge amount for me this week unfortunately. Met up with a mate on Saturday for a bit and played some Ninja Gaiden 3, Pikmin 3 and Trine 2. Good fun.

    I also fired up some Gears of War 3 last night and finished a four player run through of the campaign on Insane difficulty while chatting about Gamecom.

    The recent Ghosts footage has put me in the mood for some Call of Duty so I will hopefully fire up BLOPS2 over the weekend :)

  6. Tried Open Me but couldn’t get past the box with a camera on the top in trial. Gone back to Machinarium on the vita which has been good fun. I also forgot how good pixeljunk monsters is, well worth a second purchase on the vita.

    Also been enjoying Superfrog HD, takes me back to playing it on the Amiga (very much looking forward to Shadow of the beast on ps4 and broken sword on vita – if only they’d bring out rainbow islands, fire and ice and simon the sorcerer for vita I’d be set).

    Also gone back to one of my seasons of Fifa on vita.

    Finally started Saints Row the Third from ps+. Only done two missions so I need to persevere with it for a while longer.

  7. It’s been a busy week for trophy (and platinum) earning for me, first platinum was a 2 day blast through Disney•Pixar Brave which is a decent enough linear platform/action game. Second platinum was the culmination of a few weeks of hard work, I finally completed the 2 remaining crown challenges in Everybody’s Golf on PS3.
    Third, and final platinum for the week was Lego Lord of the Rings on Vita, much easier than the PS3 version but equally fun. This was also my 90th platinum overall.
    I also started playing Bit.Trip Runner 2 yesterday and I’m currently about half way through world 4.

    • Good job with the plats, especially Everybody’s Golf. I eventually managed to overcome and beat that platinum level 7-5 hole which is limited to the shite traditional control method, both Star and Crowns obtained. 48/49 stars, 38/49 crowns running total although I still don’t think i’ll be able to fully complete the sheet but shall plod on!

      • Nice one freeze. Try not to get too frustrated, it just makes things worse.

  8. Played the Puppeteer demo. Too much hand holding throughout the whole demo if I’m being honest, but it was still a great experience. The visual style and design of the game is utterly beautiful. Literally one of a kind.

    Played Mafia II some more, courtesy of PS+. Good game, and it has a really great world with a great atmosphere – plus, I’m a sucker for Mafia films, books etc and the time period. The world itself, whilst open world, is kind of restrictive though. There aren’t any side missions etc. Still, good game so far.

    Being having doses of FIFA 13 and Battlefield 3 multiplayer. FIFA is one of those games where you can go from really enjoying it, to utterly despising it. Really does make me express a lot of emotions haha. BF3, was great as usual. Love it.

  9. Haven’t been playing a lot of stuff over this week. I finished up Gunslinger, which I enjoyed. And been getting stuck into the KZ Mercenary Beta, which I think is brilliant.

  10. Payday 2 non-stop!

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