Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse Heading To Vita
Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse, the latest game in Charles Cecil’s long-running point-and-click adventure series, is heading to PS Vita, the developer has revealed, via the US PlayStation Blog.

Speaking of the port, Cecil said the following: “The PS Vita is an ideal device for an adventure game – the combination of the front and rear touch screen, as well as the analog stick and shoulder buttons, gives us so much scope to create a really great user interface.”

Broken Sword has a rich history with PlayStation fans, with the second game in the series, The Smoking Mirror, once being voted 5th best PlayStation game ever by Official PlayStation Magazine readers.

Currently, there’s not many more details on the Vita version specifically, but the game’s control scheme and play style seem a perfect fit for Sony’s handheld; Revolution Software’s next game can’t come soon enough, personally.

Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse was originally slated for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices after being successfully funded through Kickstarter last year – earning over $750,000 from 15,000 backers. The newly announced Vita version, alongside the other platforms, is expected to release some time towards the end of this year.

Source: PlayStation Blog


  1. NoT having a go but this was announced a couple of days ago, was wondering why you hadn’t reported it. There’s a trailer on the Facebook page. Shahid also tweeted it last week too.

    Back to point, love broken sword and backed it. The fact it’s coming to Vita is absolutely f**king outstanding!!!!

  2. Saw this on PSblog and was totally elated then. So happy it’s coming to Vita too, the perfect platform and I’ve been playing that a lot recently.

  3. Really happy this is coming to Vita, will definitely pick it up.

  4. Splendid news – and yet another temptation for my wallet.

  5. Amazing news for Vita owners. One of my fav franchies of all time. This also gives me some hope, we’ll see new Broken Sword adventures on consoles, at some point in the future.

  6. Wohoo, perfect game for Vita! Sold.

  7. cant wait this is awesome, been waiting a long time for this game and its coming to the vita which is even better :D

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