First Footage Of Fez On Vita

Fez is a game I haven’t played, at least not yet. I know that is released on XBLA last year, then arrived on PC earlier this year. I also know that part of the development of Fez was documented in Indie Game: The Movie (something else I need to watch), and I know Phil Fish, the game’s director, cancelled Fez II and left the industry after a very public argument.

I also know that Fez is coming to the Vita, and IGN have some footage of it.

The gameplay looks pretty good on the Vita’s OLED screen, though there are a couple of framerate issues at some points. I don’t know how old this particular build is, but I’d guess it’s still being worked on. There is currently no release date for Fez on Vita, but it’s a title that looks like it will fit nicely on the handheld.

Source: Youtube



  1. I havent played Fez, seems like it will fit nicely with the Vita, especially as a jump in jump out game.

  2. sweet, can’t wait for this! ;)

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