Podcast: Episode 152 – Rayman, Fez And Hohokum

Once again we’re here with another episode of the podcast, although the same can’t be said for next week. Due to holidays and other things we’re going to have to have to skip an episode, but never fear, things will be back to normal in a fortnight.

Let’s focus on this episode for now though, which features Kris, Peter, Lewis and Kev, all with plenty to discuss. Kev’s been making progress with his js13kgames entry that he discussed last week, as well as dipping his toe into Fez.

Next up is Peter, who spent a little bit of time being confused by Hohokum. Of course this confusion was basically just a short break from deep space trading in Elite Dangerous, a game that seems to be slowly consuming his life.

Then there’s me and Lewis. I’ve been breaking out my Vita to get started with Rayman Origins, even if I am somewhat late to the party, while Lewis has been trying out the Alf’s Escape DLC for New ‘n’ Tasty.

Finally, we have an audio clip based quiz this week, where Lewis tests just how well we remember some iconic games, as well as your questions.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Lovely start by Lewis ^^ Of course, peter used that joke before. Probably like every third episode?

    Well the first minutes were pure chaos xD Well, the rest of the episode also xD

    What I noticed that I laugh at the same time as you guys, when i.e. Kev plays the ‘quiz jingle’ at the start of the podcast, but everyone else who I show the podcast, don’t get the joke. I feel to attached to you guys.

    “Spiders shit silk” – ow my god, this one destroyed me XD

    Not sure why, but even I enjoyed the episode, nothing really to talk about for me this time :P

    1. – X
    2. Doom X
    3. Bioshock Y
    4. Startcraft 2 X
    5. Fallout 3 Y
    6. MGS4 Y
    7. – X
    8. – X
    9. Portal 2 Y
    10. Heavy Rain Y
    10+. Resident Evil Y

    I’m glad on the outcome of the quiz, because I guessed the games from consoles :P

    Kris have a great holiday. Odpocznij :)

    • Great post, Germanos – I always like to read your detailed reports. :)

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