First Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Trailer

An Arkham Origins spin-off, Blackgate, is coming to Vita and 3DS on the same day as the full game arrives on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. The above trailer shows off the basics of the story and some gameplay.


It has “gripping 2.5D graphics” (I don’t know how they’re gripping), as well as apparently “capturing the genuine Arkham feel”. It’s developed by WB Games Montreal, who previously ported and upgraded Arkham City for Wii U.

Considering that Killzone: Mercenary – a full first person shooter for the Vita – is out next week, this game seems rather disappointing. It’ll be interesting to see the differences present between the Vita and 3DS versions, providing there are any.

Both Arkham Origins and Blackgate release on October 25th.

Source: Press Release/YouTube



  1. Looks a bit stiff doesn’t it? Still, the Metroidvania style is interesting.

  2. Hmm, shades of Batman game from Ocean from the Tim Burton film mixed with Arkham Asylum… Sort of Arkham Lite really?

  3. I’m hoping the exploration and puzzle aspects outweigh the clunky looking combat.

  4. My excitement level just dropped :-(

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