Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Screens

All Games Beta has posted a number of screenshots taken from the forthcoming PS Vita game, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.

The game launches besides it’s bigger brother on October 25th (this Friday) and is looking rather nice, if not quite the graphical fidelity of Killzone Mercenary.


There is also one image with screens taken from the 3DS version which is rather less impressive but does show off the map in the second screen.

Source: AGB



  1. Hmmm, not impressed by the graphics. Not sure why, but edges look very tear’y.

    • To be fair several Vita games seem to suffer from this and then look a load better in motion. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

    • My eyes! Got to find bleach…
      Ah, I’m back, eyes suitably rinsed with clean fresh water.

      The third screen – the arch around the door has textures which just don’t match up at all.
      The first screen – looks like the structures are hovering above the water.

      I’m going now to wipe my memory of these vile screenshots.

      • And don’t forget to notice the really well done flames :D

  2. that 5th screenshot has me wetting my pants…… :/

    batman portable isn’t for me. I bought AC Liberation and i feel the same about that. Better experiences on the big screen (although different stories obviously)

  3. Personally I am looking forward to this. The Gameplay demos have left me impressed. Anything to stop me playing far too much FIFA

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