Killzone: Mercenary’s Day One Patch Brings Total Size Close To 5GB


We’ve just loaded up our copy of Killzone: Mercenary to find that there’s already a 1190MB patch, boasting “stability fixes and performance optimisations”, possibly balancing the multiplayer after feedback from the recent beta test or fixing a few unknown issues.

While we can’t say what this actually does without breaking embargo, over a gigabyte seems pretty hefty for a day one patch, meaning the total size of the game will now be over 4.5GB rather than 3.3GB.

So, unless you’ve got a really big memory card, you’ll want to buy this game at retail. Our review will be live at 8AM tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that too.


  1. Ud think a next gen game would be able to update and save to its own catterage instead of on your memory card! Kinda of a manufacturing error if you ask me, games not even out yet and its got a 1 gig update give it 6 months be another 2 gig lol. NEXT TIME MAKE bigger catterage sizes and allow it to update to the catterage

    • If they increase cartridge storage capacities, say hello to increased RRP of games… The game’s gone gold so they can’t patch the cartridges, hence they’re having to do a downloadable patch. This games basically runs the PS3 Killzone engine, so no wonder it’s a hefty game and patch…

  2. All im saying is bullshit preorder is cancelled, its only a game not gonna kill me not playing it. What a joke

  3. Its obvious the patch is a core part of the actual game, its completely expected if your not a dumbass. With the games fidelity, online component, 6-8 hour campaign and specialized missions there was zero chance of fitting all of it on a 4gb cartridge, especially with native resolution and the graphical fidelity of the game. If anything I thought it would have been larger.

    • You might be right if people haven’t been playing it already.

      Review copies have gone out and are obviously playable.

      • The fact that the patch has been released days before the actual release clearly suggests this, also the fact that a standard connection or optimisation patch on a home console is usually around the 50-60 mb range. Also the fact that the game was playable for review copies means nothing as the onine infrastructure wont be optimised for thousands of connections until hours before the release.

  4. This doesn’t necessarily mean the game will be 4.5gb. I expect a huge chunk of the patch contents is replacing or updating existing files. Granted you still need the space to download it though…

  5. Was considered getting the download version, but that’s too much memory to use up. Gonna have to finish & delete something first.

  6. That is a large amount of space on what many of us have in memory left. Where will my ps+ stuff go? I even bought sly copper and have no space for it now!

    Ps love that u have the MGS collection cartridge in!

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