Brand New Watch Dogs Gameplay Video

Ubisoft has just this minute released a brand new Watch Dogs gameplay demo, showing 14 minutes of the game. The video has just been made available at the time of posting, and includes the animation director talking us through the free roam aspects.

Watch Dogs releases for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One and Wii U on the 22nd of November. That’s the same day as the Xbox One releases worldwide. While it won’t be available for the PS4 in Europe until the system launches on the 29th of November, US players will be able to pick up all versions on November 19th, four days after the PS4 launches over there.

Source: YouTube


  1. I started out being pretty excited about this but the more I see it the more it bores me.
    No idea what happened.

  2. Looking forward to playing this. My PS4 launch game.

  3. Looks really good. Probably my launch title for my PS4 aswel.

  4. Love the idea of going into other people’s single player game to try and hack them.

    • It does sound fun to me. ‘ I’m a bit skint, so I’ll rob some people’. It’s not how I work in real life.

  5. This spiked my interest again. I’m still going with AC4 as my launch game but this will be my second pick up in addition to the PS+ stuff. I will disable the random player hacking, though as it will just distract me, which is easy enough in an open world game.

  6. KZSF for me, then BF4

    • Killzone Southern Fried? *orders*

      • MP includes a new mode called Family Bucket Match. Those who eat the most buckets first, wins.

  7. This does look really good, I’m torn between this, BF4 and KZSF.

  8. The city looks amazing, full of life, much more immersive than what we’ve had this generation, exciting stuff! I like the idea of hacking someone else’s game, or being hacked and chasing another player down, but it would be nice to know how this is arranged. Is it just friends, is there a limit to when and how often it can happen, will it get annoying and could it lead of bullying?

    • I’m also a little bit apprehensive about that aspect, although the gameplay video above looks quite cool to someone like me who rarely plays online. I will probably play offline at first until i get used to the mechanics and have free-roamed the world map a bit.

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