PlayStation Store Update: 04/09/13 – Killzone: Mercenary & The Walking Dead

It’s Wednesday already, the weeks are going by so fast. PS Vita owners will be very pleased with this week’s store update, as both Killzone: Mercenary (Blair’s review went live earlier today) and The Walking Dead will be arriving onto the store priced £29.99 and £14.99 respectively. The latter also comes with the 400 Days DLC.


Elsewhere on the PS3 Castle Of Illusion (which Aran reviewed), Diablo 3, Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons and Farming Simulator 2013 will be available to download. Volume 1 of the Best Of PSN is out this week too. Priced at £23.99, it includes Tokyo Jungle, Sound Shapes, When Vikings Attack and Fat Princess – which seems like a good deal to me.

On the DLC side of things there’s plenty of new content for Borderlands 2 and God Of War: Ascension. Little Big Planet has a new “Warriors of the World” pack, and there is also a bit of free DLC for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Also announced earlier today was the Big In Japan Sale. There is quite a hefty discount on Zone Of The Enders HD collection – now £5.99. This is certainly worth checking out.

For the full list list of this week’s update head over to the EU Blog.



  1. TWD went straight into my queue. I was umming and arring over KZ: Merc but as it’s £25 i may get digital now.

    I’ve had a scan of the blog comments and as expected there is a bit of anger over the reduction of KZ compared to the pre-order price but the Blog writers are yet to respond.

    • Crafty buggers have changed the price noe. It’s back to £29.99

      • Updated, Sony are bloody useless sometimes!

    • Bit more expensive than I’d hoped for TWD.

      • it was on sale recently but no more. The ps3 season pass is £15.99. Single Episodes are £3.99 (including 400 days) also the PS3 season pass doesn’t include 400 days.

  2. Yeah, I said i’d complain if they didn’t refund the difference, rather than reply and say sorry they’ve been sneaky and quietly changed it

    another great example of the EU blogs fantastic customer service

  3. Shame TWD couldn’t of had a discount for those who bought the PS3 version. Would like to play it through again (on Vita though) and make different choices.

  4. They screwed me. I pre-ordered Castle of Illusion to get the bonus Genesis version, downloaded all the bits, then got an email saying ‘insufficient funds’. It turns out you need money in your PSN wallet, or to have switched automatic funding from the default ‘off’ to ‘on’. Would have been nice to actually tell me. Anyway, now the pre-order offer has obviously been removed and I can only buy the release version. The helpdesk fuck was also incredibly unhelpful. The one time I pre-order a digital release and it’s a disaster. Never again.

    • You need money to buy something?


  5. Is killzone mercenary today or Friday? It implies today on this article by I’m reliably informed it’s Friday.

    • Won’t unlock until Friday 12am, I think.

    • Friday. It’s available to pre-order though on the store :)

    • Ok thanks.

  6. Can I just say for the millionth time – I love the Project Diva series and anyone who enjoys rhythm actions needs to be this absolutely now. I have imported all 3 PSP versions and the PS3 one in from Japan – I’m that much of a fan. Amazing game.

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