Sunday Spotlight: Fan Films & IRL

This week’s Sunday Spotlight is dedicated to the best and latest in the world of video game fan films and documentaries.

First off, we start with a pitch trailer for Final Fantasy: Terra, a fan film based on the series’ sixth mainline instalment. The teaser depicts a number of characters from the iconic JRPG in all their live action glory, including Locke, Kefka, and – of course – Terra.


The film is still in production and will need funding and approval from before it gets the go-ahead. Recently a team of filmmakers were asked to remove their Final Fantasy VII movie project from Kickstarter at the request of Square Enix, emphasizing the importance of gaining a publisher’s blessing to use their intellectual property.

Next up we have Fallout: Lanius, another fan film but this time it’s based on Bethesda’s best-selling action RPG series. Now, having not played New Vegas myself, I’m hardly much of an authority when it comes to the in-game lore, but Lanius can stand by itself, as a solid, self-contained chapter.

Fallout: Lanius is the product of a successful Indiegogo campaign that launched last year, raising $19,000. This no doubt helped Encryption Films to scout ideal film locations, create authentic costumes/props, and recruit additional aid on the project.

Finally we have “IRL 2.0 in Moderation” from graduate filmmaker Anthony Rosner. It’s a follow-up to last year’s In Real Life, a documentary exploring video game addiction from the perspective of a former World of Warcraft player.

This second instalment is more personal than the first, looking into how Anthony’s addiction impacted his out-of-game life, including his studies and social activity. Warcraft fan or not, it makes for good viewing, using each of Blizzard’s MMO expansions as a small chapter in Anthony’s journey.



  1. As much as i want to say the second video was shitty, it kept me watching for 13mins which is more than most youtube vids, and im not interested in WoW in the slightest, so there must have been something about it.

    • third video (bottom one) my bad.

  2. Thanks for that. Just watched IRL 2.0 vid and really enjoyed it. Cheers!

  3. Fallout:Lanius is a great video which bar the gore has a great production quality, plus the fact they got the guy who did the voice to the character in NV to do a similar voiceover in the film is good for keeping the fans happy.

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