Phantasy Star Nova Announced For Vita

SEGA just took the stage at Sony’s Japanese conference and have announced Phantasy Star Nova, a brand new entry in the series which will be exclusive to Vita. The game will be an offline title, though it will support up to 4 player online co-op play, and it will release in 2014.

SEGA also spoke about Phantasy Star Online 2 and first apologised for the problems the game faced earlier this year. Sales were also mentioned with the company confirming that 650,000 sales had been done, with 500,000 of those being digital download.



  1. PSO2 on the Vita is great. I don’t understand anything but it’s playable if you have experience with the fan translated PC version.

    I really hope they hurry up and translate PS Nova rather sooner than later. I want this in my veins yesterday!

  2. I’m showing my age now but loved PSO on the Dreamcast!

    • I’m 25 and I enjoyed PSO on the Dreamcast! I was pretty young back then, though. :)

  3. and releasing in the west just in time for the PS5.

    if PSO2 is any indication.

  4. What is interesting is those sales figures which are digital download.

    • You have to consider that the game is free to play so the digital download doesn’t cost you a cent. The boxed version however does cost money and comes with a few premium extras so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

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