News Snatch: Drive Club, Beyond, Hitman And Deus Ex

Greetings Snatchlings, a packed episode today beginning with a launch trailer for PC tactical shooter, Arma 3.

Trademarks for new titles in both the Deus Ex and Hitman franchises have been uncovered, namely Deus Ex Universe, Hitman Sniper and Hitman Go.

As much as we would love them to be lovely next-gen console titles the chances are they are going to be something for mobiles, Hitman Go sounds suspiciously casual to me.

Square Enix recently released the Hitman: Full Disclosure app for £1.19, a behind the scenes look at the franchise. Yes, not even a game, just bits of guff from the development that they have stuck together and are charging you for.

James Pond will be flapping about in a new Kickstarter which launches on September 20th. Chris Sorrell, creator of the original games, has released this video.

The original name for the gazillion selling Burnout franchise? “Driving Hero“. Oh dear.

Expect a new video from Drive Club very soon, a time trial at night in Chile with the Audi R8 V10 Plus, a tease of which is above. As for that oh-so-diserable sixty frames per second…

“We haven’t confirmed fps yet except to say that we’re currently running [email protected] the PS4 is the most powerful games console the world has ever seen it doesn’t make 60fps achievable by default.”

“The tracks in #DriveClub are vast with fully dynamic illumination. The interiors and exteriors of every car in every race are rendered in staggering detail and the underlying physics system is incredibly fluid so that driving feels authentic and responsive. On top of that there’s a lot of live connectivity happening in and around the races too to serve up challenges and reward you and your club for everything you do.”

“We’re pushing the PS4 HARD to achieve all of this (and more!) and we will continue to optimize it all before we confirm the frame rate.”

The last The Last Of Us developer diaries, “a mediation on the art and music of The Last of Us. Headphones are recommended.”

Payday 2 has sold almost 1.6 million copies, 80% of which are digital sales. The times, they are a changing.

The Beyond: Two Souls Companion app is out now but is pretty useless as you can’t use it unless you have a copy of the game and your iOS device hooked up to the your PS3.

According to David Cage, this feature is an attempt to get casual fans interested in the title. That will be “Casual fans” who have already shelled out for a PS3, controllers, massive telly and a copy of the one of the least ‘casual’ games you could buy.

A few new screens for PS4 exlcusive Deep Down have, ahem, surfaced.

Hey, it’s yet another Game Of The Year Edition, this time for Dishonored and as usual it will come with the all the DLC.

Dishonored joins Borderlands 2, Halo 4 and (possibly) Injustice: Gods Among Us as this year’s Game Of The Year which is an official title and certainly not something hijacked by marketing people to flog a few more copies.

J.K Rowling is obviously short of cash so has flogged some more Harry Potter off-cuts. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be turned in to a movie and a video game or ten.

Brad Keselowski will be a non-playable character in Watch_Dogs. He’s a Pro Stock Car Driver and Team Owner, apparently.

And Finally, a Lego Nintendo Transformer! For more pictures, click here.


  1. The GoldenEye cartridge/gun combo is awesome!

  2. Dishonored is my goty!

  3. I’m not bothered if Drive Club is 30fps as long as its true what they say & looks better than me hanging out of Carmen Electra. Incidentally, I used my photoshop skills to see what it would look like & the result was spectacular!

  4. I hope they can achieve 60fps but if it runs full 1080p flawlessly then i will be happy with that, plus its free. No better price tag than that!

  5. i can’t help but wish that Lego Transformer was a real set.

    i’m sure if the creator put it on Cuusoo it’d get the required number of supporters, but it’d be a licensing nightmare.

  6. I’m guessing from that Beyond image that the game concerns the mystery of Willem Dafoe’s missing neck.

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