Trailer Park: Tokyo Game Show 2013

Good morning everyone, whilst we were sleeping a number of trailers have emerged from the Tokyo Game Show so I have collected them all in one nice post for your entertainment and pleasure.

Please note that as these are from TGS most of them are in Japanese but you can still look at the pretty pictures.

Soul Sacrifice Delta

The Evil Within

Sonic Lost World
Metal Gear Solid 5 Gameplay

Crimson Dragon

Yakuza Ishin

Bravely Default: For the Sequel

Phantasy Star Nova
The Battle Pentegram
Monster Hunter Frontier G PS Vita
Bound By Flame (PS4)


Pokemon X & Y


  1. Day one for soul sacrifice delta if and when it comes to the west. Though with the steady stream of DLC here I can see it making a western debut.

    I hope Monster hunter definitely comes here, it’s sure going to send sales through the roof in Japan with the PS3 cross-play initiative and Vita TV.

    I’m not holding hopes for PS Nova though, but it looks pretty good all the same. I wonder what’s happening with… Panopticon was it… the whole prism/surveillance style game anyway.

  2. Bravely Default? Is that really the games title?
    Haha, all I can think of is Brave Sir Robin

  3. What is Soul Sacrifice Delta? Is it a sequel or add-on content?

    • Expansion. But I’m not sure what they will be selling it as, Standalone, add-on, digital or/and retail. But it’s not a sequel because it’s running off the same framework.

  4. Thanks for the awesome list. I’ve popped a few onto ‘Watch Later’ and will peruse them when I take a break from work. :-)

  5. Quite a few exciting looking games – Bound By Flame looks a bit low-rent as a PS4 title mind you… Pokemon is the next game for me either way!

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