Deep Down Will Be Free-To-Play

PS4 exclusive game Deep Down, which heavily focuses on online features, will feature a free-to-play model when it releases at some point next year.


They’re also planning an open beta in February, near the launch of the PS4 in Japan. It appears to be very focused towards Eastern markets but only time will tell.

It should get more people to play the game, but if it’s heavily focused on purchases then it might not be worth bothering with at all. The game is looking promising, with a recent video from Sony’s pre-TGS conference showing some gameplay. You can see that below.

Let’s hope they get they get it right.


  1. And just when I was sure deep down couldn’t get any weirder …

    I wouldn’t be too negative about the F2P aspects. After all, the likes of World of Tanks handles it perfectly; you can play the free portion quite happily but, if you’re into it, you can drop some coin and get more out of it.

    I don’t think Capcom will be charging us for arrows here.

    • Sure is mysterious, it’ll probably release on April 1st and actually be The Last Guardian.

  2. Liked the look of this, reminds me of Dark Souls. Don’t think fee 2 pay will suit it though.

    • There’s a Fee 2 Pay? Wow. Now that’s mean. :-P

      • Thought that up myself. Quite proud of it!

  3. Capcom…ohhh how could you?.

    What once looked like your crack at Demon’s Souls for PS4 (something i’d buy a PS4 for, straight off the bat), now become another reason i’ll be sticking with my existing hardware for some time.

    Want to play Ps4 online? cough up for PS+

    Want to play Deep Down, best have those card details handy…Deep Down you’ve now turned my smile into a ruddy great..Deep Frown…


    • F2p games don’t require plus+.

      At least not all the ones announced so far – Planetside 2, DC Universe, Warframe etc…

  4. The gameplay video is shocking! Combat currently looks like aiming a reticule to poke with a stick repeatedly, which seems like no fun! Where are the combinations? Or any form of freeflowing combat for that matter.

    Was quite interested in this but that’s swiftly disappearing. The only advantage is that as a free to play title you can try it out without spending a penny!

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