Knack Screens Show Co-Op Partner

Sony have released four new screens for the forthcoming PS4 game, Knack, and they show Robo Knack, the local co-op character.

Players can drop in as Robo Knack at any time and donate any collected relics to help Knack defeat enemies. The co-op mode has been added to allow older players to assist younger, less experienced gamers.

Creator Mark Cerny has said that the game is meant to hark back to simpler times and titles such as Crash Bandicoot. Knack is a PlayStation 4 launch title and will be in the shops in November.

I have had a chance to play the game for a short while and it’s rather fun, perhaps not the number one game on PS4 but certainly worth a look.



  1. Torn between getting this at launch as my non ‘shooter’ purchase (will be getting cod, battlefield and killzone), or lego marvel instead

  2. I think particle effects will be the best thing to show off next-gen visuals, The Wind Waker HD nailed them too.

  3. Well, that’s doubled my interest! :-) Cheers, TC.

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