[UPDATE] Confirmed: February’s PlayStation Plus Games Are Knack And Rime

It’s happened! It’s finally happened! After four years of everyone joking that, dammit, Knack isn’t part of PlayStation Plus, the game will finally be given away free in February. A post on ResetEra spotted that the PlayStation Store was listing the games and we have since confirmed this is the case.

“Knack is a game with some solid core mechanics which cry out for a bit more polish and a lot more variety in the gameplay,” said Blair in his review when the game launched. Also joining Knack will be Rime, “Well worth the wait,” according to our 8/10 review.

Expect an official announcement and the full list of PS+ games later this afternoon.

UPDATE: The PS Blog has confirmed that Rime and Knack are joining PlayStation Plus, and StarBlood Arena will remain as the bonus PSVR title. Spelunker HD and Mugen Souls Z are you PS3 offerings, whilst Vita owners get Exiles End and Grand Kindom, the latter being cross-buy with the PS4 version.

The games will be available to download on PlayStation Store from 6th February.

Source: ResetEra / PS Blog

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  1. Finally! Knack is a mastapeece

  2. Hasn’t Knack been on sale at least every other week for a fiver for about 3 years now? That’ll be about 6 copies they have to give away with PS+ now then.

    And Rime looks terrible. It’s that pale, washed out look to it. Presumably if it had the word “Zelda” attached to it and was on the Switch, it’d be the best thing ever? ;)

    By backlog appreciates this “leak”.

  3. So when it comes to Knack, was it actually good? I played the demo of Knack 2 recently and found it so unbelievably boring. I love things like Crash, Jak And Daxter, Ratchet and Clank. This was just dull.

    So is the first one better than the second or am I probably just not going to enjoy it?

    • No, the first is at least as boring. Compared to the examples you gave, it can’t even compete.
      You’re better off getting Yooka Laylee. That is a belter of a game.

  4. I’ll settle for Rime, now that the other choice has been Knack-ered.

    • Maybe if you put in some knacktice, take the odd break for a restful knack, also pour yourself a glass of armanknack to go with some brain boosting knacks, like snacker knacks, you’ll find you have knack for Knack?

  5. I’ve hovered over the buy button for Rime multiple times, so I’m happy with that. The other one can Knack off though.

  6. Now they’ve told us what the rest of the games are, that’s a good selection. And certainly an interesting one.

    Spelunker HD will drive you mad. I think that’s the point of it.

    Mugen Souls Z is something I never got around to playing after enjoying the first. But it’s certainly a strange choice. I’m sure most people will hate the idea of a JRPG with more gameplay mechanics than is probably sensible, and nice big numbers. (Trophies include reaching level 9,999, doing 100m damage at once, and a 999 hit combo. And one for starting the game)

    Grand Kingdom is another one that I’ve almost bought in a sale many times, and which probably won’t interest many.

    And has anyone heard of the other Vita game? It looks shit.

  7. Knack? lol Wasn’t there anything older & blander they could offer?

    Seems bizarre not to include GoWIII remaster which has been £8.99 for a while as part of the GoWIV build up

    Almost purchased Rime a few times so I’ll be glad to have that included in my fee to use the PSN

  8. I really enjoyed Knack. Pretty challenging on the higher difficulties too. The story and character designs are a bit weird but I found it quite charming overall. Knack II, is a huge improvement but the first game is still good IMO.

    I really enjoyed Rime as well. The themes and art style reminded me a lot of Journey and The Last Guardian. It’s not all blue skies and beaches either, there are a few tense/gloomy sections later in the game. The part where you are being stalked by a flying creature and you have to stick to the shadows was especially memorable. Some good puzzles in there too.

    • I’m glad it’s not just me then, but I really enjoyed knack. I must have done as I apparently spent 61 hours getting the platinum trophy! Made the mistake of starting knack 2 on the hardest setting, so I didn’t get very far before my holiday & never went back to it!

      • I bet there are thousands of closet Knack fans out there but they’re too ashamed to speak up haha.

        The first Knack was pretty punishing at times but I still enjoyed it a lot. I think maybe more so because it was the first game I played on the PS4 at launch. New console feels.

        I chose to play Knack II on ‘Hard’ (not ‘Very Hard’). I’d heard it wasn’t as difficult as the original game and I agree – I didn’t find it too bad overall. It’s definitely easier than the first game because the checkpoints are much more forgiving if you mess up. There are still a few tricky spots here and there but nothing too trying. Definitely worth returning to if you get the chance – I thought the story was more satisfying than the first with some interesting twists and turns. I really hope there are more installments in the future but I think it’s unlikely.

        You only have to play one level on ‘Very Hard’ for the platinum but you should have all the crystal Knacks by the time you finish the game, which makes it a doddle.

  9. Knack is like Nickelback. It seems to get universal criticism but the success must have come from somewhere. In truth it is quite popular, despite the criticism being correct and the fans being wrong ;)

  10. A great selection! Only issue is I have Knack and Grand Kingdom… the PS4 version will be a nice bonus if it’s cross save with Vita. Would have loved another PSVR game but that’s likely asking too much!

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