Guild Wars 2 Is Free For A Week

A free trial of Guild Wars 2 has been announced and it will run from 12:01 AM PDT on September 27 (about 7am in the morning on September 27th our time) and ends at 11:59 PM PDT on October 3rd.

The free trial coincides with the launch of the Twilight Assault update which will add new level 80 path, new achievements, Exotic Nightmare weapons and Aether chests.


Party up with other players and join Caithe to work your way into a secret facility hidden deep in the shadows of Twilight Arbor. Take out guards, puzzle your way through tricks and traps, and bring down the monster at the pounding heart of the stronghold.

If that sounds your sort of thing then you can apply for account here and after the trail if you wish to stay on you can purchase the game at a discounted price

Source: NCSoft



  1. GW2 is excellent, it’s the perfect MMO for me with limited time nowadays, and cures the MMO itch without the need for a subscription.

    • Agreed. Its really the only MMO I’ve given time to due to the fact there’s no subscription, or any need to give credit card details. DJ, msg me, join my guild of 1!

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