PS Vita Frozen Synapse: Tactics Teaser

Double Eleven have released a teaser trailer for Frozen Synapse: Tactics on the PlayStation Vita.

The original Frozen Synapse was released on the PC back in 2011 and has since sold over 430,000 copies and has a very respectable score of 85 on Metacritic including 9/10 score from Edge.


Set in a visually striking dystopian cyberpunk future you play as the a tactical a commander assisting a resistance faction in a struggle against a corporate government.

The single-player campaign is said to have an deep and engrossing storyline whilst the multiplayer has a new competitive model “that is perfect for the Vita.”

The Vita version also has a number of improvements over the PC game including a re-tweaked difficulty curve, kill cams and the ability to watch friend’s matches in the Replay Theatre.

The game is scheduled for release in 2013.

Source: YouTube / Pocketgamer


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  1. I didn’t realise Tactics was going to have the graphics redone from the original. They look good if a bit clinical.
    I hope there’s an option to switch back to the PC style as I really liked it.

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