Frozen Synapse Prime Set To Turn Up On PS Vita On September 24th

Following on from a quick rebrand almost a month ago, Frozen Synapse Prime (née Tactics) is just about ready for prime time on the PS Vita, as Double 11 have announced the release date of September 23rd in the US and 24th in the EU.


This game has been a long, long time in the making, with the original PC release of this turn-based tactical game coming around two years ago, and Double 11 have spent a great deal of that time trying to perfect the game on the handheld.

There’s a few neat tricks up the game’s sleeves such as how, just as it was on PC, the  asynchronous multiplayer, which is designed in such a way that you can have several games on the go at once. Also, each turn sees you set out the exact path you want your team of troops to take and the attacks, before previewing and executing all in one go., but the twist is that your actions and your opponents actions all play out at the same time, so you have to try and anticipate your opponents moves while setting your own at the same time.

When the game hits the store in a few weeks, it will come both on its own and in a bundle with its soundtrack, which will also be available separately. The game’s pricing is yet to be finalised, according to a comment from Design Manager Gareth Wright.

Source: EU PS Blog


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  1. looks great,love strategy games like this. im praying for a new xcom on ps4, that would be awesome

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