Double Eleven Give A Frozen Synapse Prime Crash Workaround

It appears that this months PS3 PlayStation Plus offering may have a little bug which stops some players from  progressing past the ‘Change Screen Space’ section in Frozen Synapse Prime.

“Months of work went into testing the game fully before release both internally and as part of the PlayStation submission process so we are shocked to find that a bug of this nature is occurring,” said Double Eleven in a blog post, adding that they were “investigating the problem now and will endeavour to fix it as soon as possible.”


In the meantime there is a workaround which involves some deletion and downloading.

  1. Locate and delete Frozen Synapse Prime from your PS3 system by pressing Triangle on the game icon and selecting ‘Delete’
  2. Scroll up to the Save Data Utility (PS3) folder
  3. Open the folder and delete any Frozen Synapse Prime data and any Corrupted Data
  4. Re-install Frozen Synapse Prime
  5. Boot Frozen Synapse Prime
  6. When prompted by the system to update to patch 1.01 press the O button to cancel
  7. Proceed past the ‘Change Screen Space’ screen
  8. At this point it is safe to quit the game reboot it and download the patch

Source: Double Eleven



  1. That’s good to know, i haven’t tried it yet but i’ll be able to avoid some grief when i do.

    • It does fix the problem, although steps 2 and 3 can probably be missed out. There was no saved data, corrupt or otherwise, on my PS3 after it kept freezing at the screen size screen.

      Or if you’ve not installed it yet, you can just start the game and refuse the update.

      There’s also no need to quit the game to install the update. Once you refuse it, you can get to the main menu, at which point it’s logged you out of the PSN and then tries to log you back in, realises there’s an update and offers it up again. Just accept at that point, it’ll download and install and restart itself (skipping the screen size bit you’ve already done).

      Basically, you have to refuse all updates (by pressing circle) until after you’ve pressed start on the screen size screen. After that, everything’s fine and you should update when asked.

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