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How A Link Between Worlds Is Changing The Zelda Formula

In most previous Zelda games, you had to tackle the majority of dungeons and temples in a specific order, with only two or so, such as the Shadow and Spirit temples in Ocarina of Time allowing you to choose your order.

Now, with 3DS title A Link Between Worlds, Nintendo have announced via a Direct broadcast how they are going to change this formula, allowing you to choose which order you play the game in and exactly how you progress, making the adventure more open. Of course, this means that you won’t be collecting items in the temples themselves, so they’ve changed how these work too.

You can at first rent – and later buy – items from a character named Ravio, which you’ll need for each specific dungeon. I assume you’ll still need multiple items for the later dungeons, which means that you’ll perhaps have to tackle the dungeons requiring less items first. Nevertheless these, combined with the wall-traversing 2D mechanic means that there will be plenty of puzzling gameplay yet.

From what I’ve played of the game, it’s a really solid Zelda title, and a great successor to A Link To The Past, with some brilliant level designs. In terms of items, both the boomerang and hammer work well, though I’ve had no time with the renting system yet.

The game will release on November 22nd for 3DS, the same day as Tearaway for Vita and the Xbox One.