Two New Limited Edition 3DS Designs Coming Soon

Nintendo have announced two brand new limited edition 3DS XL designs which will be hitting shelves this November. Firstly, as we enter the tail end of what Nintendo deemed the “Year of Luigi” the mustachioed plumber finally gets his own green-themed handheld. The rather unappealing Luigi 3DS XL will release on November 1st, with an equally off-putting RRP of £179.99.

Far more likely to ruffle the feathers of Nintendo’s fanbase however, is the Triforce emblazoned gold & black Legend Of Zelda offering, which packs in an eShop download code for upcoming 3DS title The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. This console package has an RRP of £199.99, but will, of course, save you £30-40 on the price of said game.


Luigi & Zelda 3DSXLs Announced

As an added bonus, fans who pre-order the Zelda edition 3DS from GAME will also receive a miniature musical chest, as demonstrated by producer Eiji Anouma, via a new post to the Vine short video sharing service.

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds limited edition 3DS XL console will be available on November 22nd, to coincide with the game’s launch.

Source: Press Release.



  1. The Zelda one is awesome, the Luigi one is balls.

  2. I prefer the Luigi one.
    The Zelda one is so boring.

  3. Guys, guys! You’re both wrong as they’re both shit!

    Just joking. Have what you want. I’m going to laugh either way. ;-)

  4. Like the Zelda one.
    I have an ultra rare Fox X Fire Emblem one.

    it’s just the FE version with a bonus sticker from me stuck on it…

  5. They both look pretty cool. The Luigi one looks slighty better i think.

  6. The Zelda one is nice but would have looked even nicer if it was entirely in the darker theme (I know, I know 2 worlds etc.)

    The Luigi one on the other hand, well… it looks like something used by psychiatrists to determine if you are a colour-blind serial killer.

  7. I love how they worked in the ALbW light / dark world theme perfectly.

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